Why do see a serious decline in the transformation of regional retailers electricity supplier

Internet limelight in the past two years is too fierce, awakening the earlier wave of regional retail giant has invested heavily in the layout of the retail electricity supplier, but regional big hat buckle, can only focus on the local market, renamed O2O retail.

a few years ago vertical electricity supplier fiery, a well-known practitioner shouted vertical die, and subsequently died really a large. The two regional retail giants have to test the water electricity providers, such as RT mart, a large business group, Rainbow Department store, step by step, tough exploration between "death" and "death".

traditional retail giants do electricity supplier four major errors

1, that money can get electricity supplier

money is a good thing, can attract top talent, but also to attract high-quality resources, but when the necessary conditions are combined together when the electricity supplier is not a sufficient condition for success. This show Wanda electricity supplier in the body most incisive, even Tencent and Baidu also officially announced spending heavily in Wanda electricity supplier, but still escape the CEO twice Yishuai, out of the 8 million annual salary still nobody cares. Moreover, Wanda electricity supplier has yet to see what the results of the toss, enough to prove that money is not omnipotent, the electricity supplier is not money on the line.

2, the boss smatter everywhere hand intervention

why bring high paying team will be gone? Is a boss for instant success, money does not lack patience, always thinking fast results, eat fat breath, completely ignoring the law development of the electricity supplier. Management thinking and business culture and tradition, bosses love feeling of control, so unconsciously under the eyes of the border, all things can not help but want to intervene in it, in the course of time not only broke the original executives development plan, but also undermine the management’s enthusiasm, then muddle along.

3, no partner only workers

not only should be a partner who’s straight to the point. It was a time when capital employed labor, and now it was time for talent to hire capital. For traditional retail bosses, they have long been used to hiring and being employed, and rarely looking for a partner. Therefore, in the traditional employment relationship, the management is mostly played the role of professional managers, all to maximize their own interests, thus ignoring the long-term development of enterprises. Therefore, the establishment and improvement of the equity structure should be the primary problem in the transformation process of the traditional retail enterprises.

4, Tandaqiuquan do not understand a single point of breakthrough

used to do addition, so there is no sense of subtraction. Because of the successful experience of ingrained entities under the line retail store, so to do online business is Tandaqiuquan is almost complete the retail business under the line to online. Such electricity supplier products can give users what impressed?


said regional retailers are doing O2O fantasy

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