How to achieve independent shop

it is understood that Taobao opened a new shop every day now as many as more than 7 thousand, the number of amazing, invisible, seems to become a "national Taobao", but when we have to do, really can make money? I think not, even Ma himself has said: we all feel good something, it is not what good stuff, free is the most expensive! This is not unreasonable, think about it, it really is. There are so many people who don’t have much profit when it comes to your turn. Many sellers are slowly aware of this, and began to plan their own plans, the first choice is to open their own independent shop, so that traffic is dependent on the search engine, but also played a role in publicity.

It is not difficult to

independent shop opened up, now open source program independent shop collided, and then find a template set up on the line. Is it really so easy? In fact, we have to make our shop unique, different, do SEO, we have to do too much.

first, we must have a clear positioning of their products, for which age, who, it is best to do some on the market is difficult to buy the products, such as some of the characteristics of Arts and crafts, or provide professional customized services, like clothing customization, custom suits, custom souvenirs and so on, the custom suits to do the best one love is a star (China) Korean custom suits, in Baidu enter Korean small suit their custom, has been ranked first, in fact, the Baidu keywords should be very popular, why their station is the first


analysis of their characteristics is to highlight them, provide professional services tailored suit 80 90 young people, become their custom digital designers, so do not like other sites and become an independent school, and blindly follow the trend, what people do, what do I have, this is dangerous, no your thoughts, never subversion.

secondly, to choose a good way to promote, to targeted to promote, do more than the chain, increase the weight of the site, and some well-known blog, website, forum and many other interactive.

finally, don’t forget to update the website often, I saw many webmaster friends do independent shop, just started a few days very excited, every day to see, to explore, think for a long time, have not received what list, do promotion is also not what, in the end simply ask no matter Ren, the independent shop, emerge of itself and perish of itself, in addition to dry out the characteristics, but also need to adhere to, need to accumulate, one day you will see the effect.

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