Sun Weimin witnessed the Suning Transformation service is our only product

Guo Jinhui

1990 a cold winter, an area of 200 square meters of air-conditioned shops opened in Nanjing ninghai. 23 years later, the company named Su Ning "shop" sit on the Chinese top 500 private enterprises in the first place, 232 billion 700 million of total revenue exceeded Lenovo and HUAWEI.

in 1998, Sun Weimin resigned from the Nanjing University of Science and Technology to join the Soviet Union as an assistant to Zhang Jindong, when he was 35 years old. From the summer of 2004, Suning landed the Shenzhen stock exchange until now, he has served as vice chairman of suning.

During the period of

15, Sun Weimin took part in the two transformation of Suning in the past ten years, and witnessed the development of Suning from a small and medium sized enterprise into a large enterprise in the course of the past three years. Sun Weimin said that the so-called entrepreneurial spirit is the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a kind of dissatisfaction with the status quo of ambition and ambition, and innovation is to try to meet the needs of customers.

recently told the "First Financial Daily" interview, Sun Weimin said that innovation is not an easy thing, need a lot of resources support and cooperation, Suning can go today, thanksgiving let him most is the consumer, but also very grateful to the Huaxia Bank in Suning or of small and medium-sized enterprises give support to come today.

from the attitude to the ability of the two transformation

is the first to establish a "Suning distribution, installation and maintenance of" integrated service system of marketers, this timely door-to-door service for customers free installation of air conditioning to Suning quickly occupied the Nanjing market. In the first three years, Suning has "double control" to customers and vendors, do Chunlan national sales the first large, rely on a single product, single brand sales reached 300 million yuan scale.

from the beginning of 1990 is the first phase of the development of Suning ten years, becoming the country’s largest air-conditioning wholesalers. Off-season play money, season sales model requires a lot of financial support, Suning and banks began a close cooperation.

eight state-owned shopping malls in Nanjing to ban Su Ning, Suning is a major market competition experience. Suning to use the scale of operation, low price sales, quality service to win the market, the simple belief that win the battle.

"this belief to now have not changed, we always take the service as Suning’s only product, the more service refers to the service attitude, service today refers to the service ability and service ability and service to meet the consumer experience what is innovative and unique things." Sun Weimin said.

The greater challenge

Suning ten years before the encounter is China economy entered the oversupply stage from the supply stage, the wholesale margin is more and more low, the market space is squeezed by the upstream manufacturers channel segments, and Suning similar companies have to switch to or close down. But Suning still adhere to the main industry, and began to explore a comprehensive transition from wholesale to retail.


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