Hard brush single Taobao to suspend dragon FedEx part of regional cooperation

news May 23rd, billion state power network that Taobao and rookie network recently jointly issued a notice, as the Dragon FedEx part of the network "logistics brush" phenomenon, therefore, decided to suspend the dragon and FedEx part of regional cooperation.

said in a statement, the logistics brush FedEx long part of the network seriously interferes with Taobao platform business order, since June 1, 2016, all the shipping address for Quanzhou City, Suzhou City, Taizhou City, Heze City, Lianyungang city in their own businesses will not be able to contact the logistics "dragon FedEx delivery page selection.

billion state power network learned "logistics brush" refers to the logistics company personnel involved in illegal scalping, assist the unscrupulous businessmen send the package or provide false air logistics information, so as to improve the business volume, credit behavior. It is reported that the operation behavior in logistics Waybill Information is highly artificial simulation, it is difficult to judge, system monitoring and identification and Taobao is gradually establishing coverage trading, logistics, capital "link", to crack down on the brush.

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