Talking about several strategies and skills of Taobao shop promotion

since Taobao changed the rules, some of the ordinary flow of sellers, business increasingly bleak. Some people attributed to the rules made by Taobao is not good. Of course, Ali group is not a mature and powerful people who can go to its rules to overthrow. How do? Still have to comply with its rules, those who had the credibility of a high ratio of natural flow to the store or not had good reputation of the store may be in a period of time, Taobao is very care about you. In addition to these that there are a considerable number of department stores, they are now in addition to some simple manual promotion, personally think that only Taobao promotion, the so-called Taobao promotion is refers to the use of Taobao’s software tool platform to show your store information to achieve the promotion effect. But these methods also have skills and attention, or you use them but not only wasted effort, will waste a lot of money. Here I put forward several methods one by one hope that they are some good suggestions, and put forward the need to pay attention to the place for the exchange, I hope the veteran.

first: Taobao ad


as we all know, now Taobao platform advertising too much numerous, their main location is in the Taobao home page and the focus map and some information page, if you want to appear in so many excellent advertising to attract more people, we must pay attention to put less pay more attention to the picture text skillfully advertising, the purpose of advertising is to attract people to click, advertising pictures can be the first time that visitors have to click impulse, Taobao ads, ads do not tamper with the original intention, the effect of advertising is to attract people in, but not to others who we are or what, so some advertisements need to attract people things do not need to increase the text at the top! A little need to pay attention to advertising also, don’t pay attention to the size of the flow of advertising, pay more attention to advertising is for you Pick up the goods! Is more important than soliciting, advertising is very difficult in the advertisement to make money, the most important is to buy customers.

second: Diamond booth

this is very simple, because it is made by auction, distributed throughout the channel page, it needs to see your own idea of how to display for where to go, of course, it is also a good promotion means, can let you store information to the smallest space interpretation better.

third: Super sell PA

This is a special way to

display, Taobao has been in the recommended products, of course, their own things only you with a feel for you will say, suggested here if you choose super sell things to note a few points: first, you must first find the relevant theme merchandise, so you can have the advantage, and also must choose their most popular themes and related products, so as to produce more volume. Two, the picture must be attractive, to attract visitors to click, which is the most basic requirements, even if they do not have to buy the design drawing.

fourth: >

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