Broke the news mogujie com and beauty also said that the merger and beauty said in the talk of mergers and acquisitions, and behind the party is Hillhouse capital and Tencent.

the two day, eight sister heard two large lakes gossip hearsay says, electricity providers shopping guide platform, and beauty are merger talks. After listening to the eight sister can not help but think of the mess, the Internet companies, you can not play happily, a dozen to the final is not all to merge, so why bother?

first to hear the news of the eight sister. Multiple sources are displayed, and beauty in mergers and acquisitions, and behind the party is Hillhouse capital and Tencent.

Hillhouse capital is and beautiful common shareholders, then the impact of the merger of the two listed, for Gaoling is absolutely good, therefore, it is said that Hillhouse has been actively promoting the merger of the two.

and recently, it is said that Tencent also actively joined the merger of the two. By the end of 2012, Tencent had voted beautiful said, then there was a voice that Tencent has been standing on the acquisition of the critical point of beauty said. But in fact, beauty still had E round of financing, is not completely under the Tencent. However, the eight sister also heard that, as a strategic investor and the master of the entrance to WeChat, Tencent, said there is a strong right to speak of beauty.

As for the reason that

the merger of the two parties, saying almost all, financing and IPO is not smooth, so that the capital want to cash in the merger of the two IPO. Well, it’s almost the same template for all the merger stories.

, a voice said, beautiful said financing encountered winter capital, has been poor, valuations fell by more than half, or no one is willing to pay for. There is also a voice, although said it received a $200 million financing, looks a lot, but the amount of transactions and the development of the capital is still lagging behind the expectations of the parties. To put it simply, beautiful and want to IPO, and the new financing, and now it seems difficult.

eight sister had heard before, this year is known as beautiful and’s IPO sprint year, the two sides invested heavily hit TV commercials. There is a voice that invested in TV ads this year, up to 250 million yuan of funds, while the beautiful said the investment is more than $300 million. Unfortunately, however, the two sides have encountered the capital of the winter, so everything is difficult.

also said the analysis, and beautiful said the possibility of a merger or some, because, on both sides of the investment in the sequence, the power of BAT is only a Tencent, not related to Ali and other complex relationships, with relatively good, while the Tencent’s style is, do not hold the status of major shareholders in the new company after the merger.

as for the timetable for the merger of both sides, some voices say that will soon. Some voice also said, not so fast, now only Tencent and Hillhouse capital driving stage.

of course, whether the merger, but also depends on June and Xu Yirong do not deal with, would like to.

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