We return to the road of summer autumn to sell out of stock T

Abstract: age and Eric dubbed second millet, but millet is more like once every guest. Sarcasm is definitely wrong, but only encouragement and applause will make the two companies better?.

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open where the aging veterans of micro-blog, you will find the recent ten contents are on the September 7th special panic buying activities. On this day we will last official website 99 yuan 39 yuan wash and wear shirts, knitted trousers, women lost 29 yuan in T printing products etc..

he kept reminding those from the heyday began to follow their own always adhere to the "customer" are now "in September 7th three in the afternoon", seems to have a way to use it across the millet. But the Internet or some people continue mouthing him and his vancl. Lei Jun even can not see the past, micro-blog behind a friend: "old taunt is a very easy thing to do…… On a still mud entrepreneur, if we give a little bit of applause, a little bit of encouragement, our society will become more and more beautiful? "

The old don’t mind

a range of children’s literature to expose their shortcomings, so nicknamed the "total reflection" of the people. Because even poubai past, Wang Gongquan’s investment is also lost where we talked about.

but have feelings, always reflect enough? I think we need to solve the problem is not so simple.

1 hunger marketing doesn’t work: summer is out of stock, autumn sells T-shirts?

first thing to say is the guest as hunger marketing, taken from the old friends Lei scriptures, now also began playing hunger marketing, at the press conference to talk about feelings is a must, what traveled across the sea in search of suppliers and designers to create high-quality T-shirts, shoes story pain points, the user experience improvement etc. because we; excellence, production time is not guaranteed, the goods must also push again.

in the old micro-blog often can see the product to postpone the listing of the news.



but the so-called artisan spirit, can not be a reason for the product out of stock, or can not be a reason to sell T-shirts in autumn. Millet hunger marketing in the past did create success, but that is in the absence of strong competitors with their own products on the premise of excellent. Go back and look at all the guest, imitating the UNIQLO and Muji market has occupied half of the country, and their product quality and the former two are not much competitive, so stock can only help customers to abandon the purchase of arms turned to others.

2 wind up to the club, logistics issues outstanding

wind up where the customer is a hand built up courier company, has been called the "vintage where the customer’s" one of the most important assets, as one of the earliest development.

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