Living through the store O2O system support Pad ordering

optimization function of

in store ordering


this week there is a wave of small updates, we store the ordering function of the details of the optimization. Businesses and fans will feel more comfortable to use ~

new Pad meal interface



this optimization will support Pad meal function, add a new point for Pad interface. Fans can use Pad ordering, more is can use Pad to manage the reservation. If the collocation update this week APP package, will be packaged into a APP shop website for fans of meal, get rid of the old mobile phone ordering, we store the moment tall on


store address is

without reservationBefore

in store ordering, we also need to fill the order. This step is optimized in the optimization of ~ fans in the store consumption, meal after having to fill out the address of the end point! Wait for serving. ~


WiFi link steps simplify

businesses in the store can set up a dedicated WiFi Internet two-dimensional code, fans simply scan once, you can automatically focus on the number of public access platform. No longer need to scan and then send the key to trigger the Internet so complicated steps. So easy and simple WiFi link steps, fans will be very happy to use, the public number of fans will be more and more ~

as a senior chowhound, Xiao Bian is keenly aware of the items are! Is definitely from the living habits of the most subtle, real life is convenient. (author: Piglet CMS micro signal: pigcms)

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