n the first half of this year more than 310 billion yuan retail sales of rural networks

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August, (reporter Wang Youling) – Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang 17, said that this year, the rapid growth of retail sales of rural networks, the growth rate of more than

city. According to preliminary statistics, the first half of the rural network retail sales of more than 310 billion yuan.

among them, the physical type of online retail sales of more than 200 billion yuan, more than $110 billion in retail sales of non physical goods.

commerce department data show that a quarter of rural network retail sales of about 148000000000 yuan, the two quarter rose to about 168000000000 yuan, an increase of 13.48%, higher than the online retail growth rate of 4 percentage points above the city. Retail sales accounted for the proportion of the country’s online retail network continued to improve in the first half has accounted for 14.14%.

Shen Danyang said that the Ministry of Commerce to actively promote e-commerce into the countryside, from the first half of the situation to see the effectiveness of services. Central and western rural retail network growth in the quarter to reach 24.57%, higher than the traditional developed areas of rural growth rate of more than 10 percentage points, the regional development of rural e-commerce show new momentum.

, in addition, the development of service oriented network retail. Rural online travel continued to hit, the first half of the online retail sales 44 billion 535 million yuan, ranking first in the rural service network retail industry, accounting for up to 38.52%. Rural network retail services is the first tourist services, higher than the National City accounted for 12 percentage points of the industry, the support of the rural service network is very strong.

according to reports, the physical development of the industry characteristics, industry ranked in the top three of the national rural physical network retail clothing, shoes and hats, respectively, 3C digital home furnishings, on the network retail sales accounted for 44.29% of total first half of the year.

Shen Danyang said that the category of agricultural e-commerce obvious differentiation. National agricultural products online retail industry ranked fruit, tea, herbal health, grain, nuts, poultry, aquatic products, vegetables, flowers and plants etc.. These products in front of online sales, the proportion of larger, which accounted for the top three industries accounted for more than 56.11%.

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