How to develop the road of e commerce

The establishment of the

threshold is more and more low, the national policy is wide, and vigorously promote independent entrepreneurship! With the reality of the system environment greatly improved, the competition of the Internet is already cannot be mention in the same breath! Especially e-commerce first


Ma Yun said: "now do not do e-commerce, 5 years later you will regret it!" as China’s most successful Internet giant, this sentence is to confirm the prospects and opportunities of e-commerce!

I do the procurement of goods in a typical e-commerce company, e mall store, because the company did not invite professional promotion, so I sometimes Cameo website SEOER


as the era of a buyer’s market, the electronic mall how to determine their role? All the sales and performance! Entity stores, supermarkets to all kinds of tangible and intangible propaganda to promote the sales of the electronic mall;

what? Just rely on Baidu search engine, Google these giants! So to improve the website’s content at the same time, SEO also think it is particularly important! Maybe is the most effective for promotion! But Google, YAHOO, SOSO, Bing? Competitive price make the human single optimization technology this is top of the agenda.


SEOER, work every day in the update, external links, blog posts to guide the spider, each big forum community website advertising posts, so although there is little use, play fast and loose! But the real e-commerce, I think it really is not so young, I have no experience, but according to my long-term publicity planning experience; at least I think e-commerce not only rely on these! Of course, development is to rely on money to heap out! Money can take a hundreds of millions to hit CCTV advertising, a famous case like Shi Yuzhu! A little tight, can get real billboards, Hunan satellite TV has a bus stop! The new TV program on the file, Changsha advertisements on the major street at the end of the full trailer information; think of this, but the domestic first-class, the annual income of billions of dollars of satellite tv. No matter how poor a little, can help the activity game, do a little bit brochure title, way.

Some tricks above

we all know, probably know better than I do! Said so much, I want to say that, the electronic commerce to become bigger and stronger, the absolute, is to group enterprise publicity mode, is what all need



1 reputation for the first, good things, the more people, the better, this is entirely in line with China’s national conditions!

2 TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, entities, network advertisement together, made a sensational effect, known as the worst in the history of naobaijin advertising, but it is also the history of the most effective advertising


3 promotion, this is the business of the Chinese type: ", " puerile; 20 years ago in Guangdong, Zhejiang is like this trick, now.

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