The Tmall tax storm sub healthy ecological index

Abstract: a April 27th entitled "to be interviewed Tmall owner of tax, the sales volume of 800 thousand up to 28%" the news sparked heated debate on the internet. The origin of things a few days earlier, Shanghai, Minhang District, Guangxi City, Shandong Heze City, Guilin and other three users have on the Internet broke the local tax department received notification interviews Tmall owner, according to a statement by the shopkeeper interviewed in this report, the sales volume of 800 thousand or will be paid at the rate of 28%.


"pay 28%, we do not have to do." "can apply for bankruptcy, or just run away, because of tax rumors, group net shop owners quickly set up a group of hundreds of people, everyone in the group you made me a phrase about it.

is a self proclaimed "is about" Fujian netizen in the group complained that his two or three years of turnover of around 80 million, after being interviewed, the company’s financial estimate to pay 20 million, caused a screaming.

5 pm the same day, Tmall released a statement on its official micro-blog Tmall said the shopkeeper "Bushui" between the rival rumors, and has been on the disinformation behavior report. But drying out from the users with the relevant units of document number and seal the inquiry notice, there is Tmall owner has been interviewed.

According to

"IT times" reporter from the Shanghai city tax department reply, this interview is the routine examination work of the tax department. Some media reports up to 28% tax rate interpretation of the algorithm, is a misunderstanding. Tax collection on the basis of the current tax law, the collection method depending on the specific operating conditions of businesses, businesses, if there is doubt, can be on their own specific business conditions to the tax department staff.

is a "brush" to

in accordance with the relevant provisions of China’s tax law, the annual turnover of less than 800 thousand of businesses by small-scale taxpayers pay tax, business tax rate of 4%, more than 800 thousand of the general taxpayer to pay tax, the usual tax rate of $17%. "Now we are most worried about is identified as the general taxpayer, a bit of the size of the Tmall store, it is easy to be able to flow over a million, but the turnover is a part of the formation of brush single turnover," a Tmall owner to "IT times" reporter out "unspeakable hidden", though the tax departments in the interviews made it clear that as long as can provide a single brush proof, this part can be ignored, but for sellers, scalping suspected of credit fraud, "Tmall" in the rules on this point have severely punished.

, in fact, we do not want to brush, but do not brush. Taobao’s competitive ranking more and more expensive, now point to 5 to $10, but the conversion rate is very low, in the case of a single product is not evaluated, the conversion rate of 3% are not." Tmall owner Wu Sheng helpless.

In addition to the

brush single problem, a large number of small and medium-sized Tmall shop owner due to the lack of tax knowledge, there is no value-added tax deductible invoices, which means that there will be more tax. "We just bought a brand, and then look for some manufacturers to do OEM, these small vendors >

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