Alibaba intrusion appliance industry and beauty in building an open platform appliance

Midea air conditioning intelligent control App


technology news March 17th morning news, Alibaba, the United States this morning officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will jointly build a cloud based networking Ali open platform, connecting dialogue and remote control of home appliances. The United States also released the first intelligent air conditioning based on Ali cloud, will be in March 19th in the exclusive debut of Tmall city.

it is reported that from the beginning of 2014, the United States will be the new air-conditioning in all application intelligent networking technology, plans three years to more than 50% of the air-conditioning of things, the future of the full range of beauty products will access Ali cloud platform.

Midea Group Executive Vice President, home air conditioning division president Wu Wenxin said the United States Ali and strategic cooperation project will be divided into three stages: in 2014, the formation of the networking product application and communication standard, realize access and centralized control of the full range of beauty products; the 2015 data of the operations, improvement product development and production with user data; in 2016, formed a complete industrial chain, centralized operational data for each product line, providing value-added applications and services.

America’s release of the Internet of things smart air conditioning will be officially launched in March 19th Tmall electric city exclusive, including three appearance, eight models of products. Among them, a large "Xiao Yun" (26) frequency hook, starting price of 3399 yuan.


technology on the scene, the United States launched a APP remote control of the air conditioning can be controlled by voice APP air conditioning, electricity generated queries a day, set different at different times of the night sleeping temperature etc..

Alibaba from the engineer explained that when a user at the mobile phone a voice command, this command will be converted into invisible flood of data through the mobile phone network transmission to the intelligent control center Ali cloud, through computational analysis processing, and through the optical fiber and the WiFi network is sent to the smart chip air conditioning, air conditioning according to the directive action.

"at the same time, air conditioning is also a record switch, power consumption, temperature and humidity (even future PM2.5) and other data back to the intelligent control center Ali cloud, ready to report to the consumer." He said the two sides will open account system, the fastest in April to achieve interactive contacts, Alipay wallet Ali’s APP smart appliances for beauty products control.

from the engineers revealed that the future will not only be able to control air conditioning, after-sales service and troubleshooting can also be completed through the online. Users can call the customer service and from the public accounts, will be able to detect air conditioning in your home, then make an appointment to help you master site maintenance services, Alipay wallet checkout.

Alibaba and the United States announced at the scene, the future will open the relevant protocol standards for third party applications to provide standard API interface (Application >

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