Pat micro shop officially launched the official website of the two domain name wd paipai com

renamed China ( October 13th hearing, after a month of online operation, the Jingdong’s pat Network, the mobile terminal micro shop – pat micro shop will be officially launched on the business by clicking on the two level domain name for open and pat micro shop decoration.

diagram: page screenshot

it is reported that, due to the Taobao platform to shield the WeChat link jump, making many sellers of the era of PC can not reach by WeChat, to maintain the old customers, as well as from the PC shop drainage. Thus, pat micro shop came into being, and enable micro shop two domain name Similar to the pocket shopping launched micro shop, APP official website enabled online. "Micro shop" Larry registered in 2006, domain have been built. Jingdong micro shop four fight domain has been registered.

According to the

pat micro shop responsible person said, the Jingdong and the Tencent strategic partnership based on pat will also through the center of the entrance of WeChat and mobile phone QQ, to provide a centre in the two mobile client for pat micro shop solutions. At the end of October, mobile phone QQ will give a pat on the opening of the two level entrance.

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