The first day of cross border electricity supplier of the new tax on your sea Amoy goods shipped smo

the new regulations from the launch to perform only 15 days, the buffer period is not set, many new rules may not clear, for the industry, and even hope to enter China overseas businesses will cause confusion and anxiety.


source: Vision China

April 8th, the sea Amoy new regulations officially started.


Hongkong merchant Wang Zhengang some distress. He is mainly engaged in small household electrical appliances and consignment sales, customer price at 2000 yuan or more of the goods abound: beauty instrument, sweeping robots are hot. In accordance with the provisions of the new tax system, all his goods have to rise.

prices will bring sales decline. Consumers may be due to price advantage, choose the line under the duty-free shops to buy. Sea Amoy electricity supplier price dividend is not in.

"not everyone wants to make money, we really want to put this cause bigger, hope Consumer Fair to enjoy all the good foreign products." Wang Zhengang complained to the media.

The new policy of the sea Amoy

all problems from March 24th: 24, three ministries (Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs and the State Administration of Taxation) jointly issued the "notice on cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy" (hereinafter referred to as the new tax system), April 8th, China will implement the cross-border e-commerce retail (business to consumer that is, B2C) import tax policy, cross-border retail electricity supplier of imported goods in accordance with the goods tariff and import value-added tax and consumption tax.

Two major changes in

and related to the interests of buyers is: one, in accordance with the goods tariffs, value-added tax and consumption tax: temporary tariff is 0%, value-added tax and consumption tax at the statutory tax payable shall be levied 70%; two, single transaction tax exemption limit of 2000 yuan, annual individual transaction limit exemption for 20 thousand yuan.

at the same time, in accordance with the original postal items collection parcel tax, from the original four file (10%, 20%, 30%, 50%) to three (15%, 30%, 60%).

this also means that the cross-border electricity supplier platform facing the embarrassing situation of the price, the cost of imports of cross-border hot food, health care products category, maternal and child supplies will rise by about 10%.

Effect of

on the following the tax reform, cross-border business enterprise is more serious:

A. mother and child. After most of the goods are in the duty-free limit, it is required to pay a tax rate of 11.9%;

B. low makeup. After less than 100 yuan of cosmetics category tax is zero, is now 47%;

C. luxury category. For example, 10 thousand yuan of mechanical watches, after the tax rate of 30%, now only in accordance with the general trade tax rate of $65.26%.

for some other goods, cross-border electricity supplier tax rate is lower, example

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