Beautiful said the founder Xu Yirong nterpretation of girlfriends business guide

Entrepreneur: Xu Yirong

venture project: beauty says

venture location: Beijing

entrepreneurial time: November 2009 preparation, on-line

in March 2010

business model: Based on interest through pictures, fashion godmother, fashion and other special Master teach women how to dress, products can be directly linked to the Taobao or B2C mall, get into the transaction.

venture capital situation: has received three rounds of investment. The first round of financing from the blue Chi venture, the second round of Sequoia, the first two rounds of financing accumulated $10 million. The third round of capital from the yuan capital investment, Sequoia Capital, blue Chi venture capital, venture capital with the cast, a total of tens of millions of dollars.

site moved her

has been a combination of fashion and the Internet is not very good, beautiful said to do is to combine the two.

because we want to do the female vertical social media, can not let a man come in, not a man of colors such as blue and green, so the website is what color to use? Is our site after a struggle for a long time the problem, you want to for a long time, we think the city is the target user white collar, neither exaggerated nor too cautious, choose to choose to finally determine the main colors of the rose powder. At first, many friends and colleagues did not understand or even laugh at us, but now it seems that we are right. Very simple, you will find the site in the industry, are slowly close to the color of rose powder.

in product design, now popular links to share the original idea from the beautiful said. Traditional fashion magazine released fashion pictures, but users can not click to buy; Internet era can increase the link, but there is no information, users will not click into. But beauty said to do online links, such as when the user to share a commodity link, the background system will automatically link the important information contained in the title and pictures to grab it. In this way, before clicking, the user can basically determine whether they like, and then determine whether to buy.

all this, just to impress her".

talk about looking for the user, beautiful said the experience is very interesting. Initially, no one knows where the first batch of core users. So, after the line, our team is one of the most important job is to pull the user. What’s up? My colleagues and I have into various shopping group, not a few results too horrible to look at, the link was kicked out. (source: Southern Metropolis Daily Nandu network)

later, we found the main group, such as a month to give you 500, you to experience the beauty, try to take some of your circle of people come to play. The results of the same tragic, a lot of people go through the experience.

, however, this stupid approach is not completely ineffective. Around May, I found that two of the group of more than and 100 people did not go in, July is to achieve

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