Yiwu tourism commodities by foreign trade e commerce platform to go the road of transformation

In 12th Five-Year, the draft plan of Electronic Commerce recently released

made it clear that e-commerce will be included in the strategic emerging industries, is the focus of the next phase of informatization construction, it is self-evident importance of electronic commerce. With respect to the tourism industry and e-commerce are closely linked, "the new electronic commerce brings the enormous business opportunities; at the same time, the commercial construction of regional tourism driven, especially tourism shopping and tourism brand promotion also play a positive role." China Yiwu foreign trade network founder Sheng Lifang is introduced. As the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market in Yiwu, the development of electronic commerce is concerned, Yiwu is known as "heaven", together with about 1400000 kinds of commodities, the development of tourism commodities in the "Chinese International Tourism Commodities Fair" success is attracting worldwide attention of customers.

e-commerce 12th Five-Year planning the first draft of the tourism industry into a bright spot

is reported to be led by the Ministry of industry, including the development and Reform Commission and other 9 ministries jointly developed e-commerce 12th Five-Year plan draft has been completed in February next year is expected to officially become a draft. According to the draft plan, is expected to 2015, e-commerce transactions will quadruple, a substantial increase in the contribution rate in GDP. With the "11th Five-Year", "12th Five-Year" period, the electronic commerce to a national development strategy, as a leader of the new industry, e-commerce to promote the development of regional tourism economy, especially for Yiwu tourism commodities to foreign trade export-oriented mall, 12th Five-Year will be the golden period of development of the best.

but from the current development situation of China’s tourism industry, tourism industry and tourism development compared with developed countries there is still a gap, the National Tourism Bureau survey data show that in recent years, the number of trips China residents in rapid development, increased from 700 million in 2000 to 1 billion 900 million in 2009, the proportion of tourism commodities in tourism consumption in very small, while in developed countries, tourism commodity income generally accounted for the total tourism income of 30%.

Yiwu efforts to promote tourism manufacturing

it is understood that in the first 10 months of this year, the Yiwu customs exports of goods amounted to $7 billion 30 million, exports of goods 7 million 569 thousand tons, an increase of 95.9% and respectively. From the export of goods, mechanical and electrical products, clothing and clothing accessories and plastic products dominate. In addition, glass products, textile yarn, fabrics and related products, travel goods and bags, hand or machine tools, furniture and parts, artificial flowers, footwear and other commodities were in the top 10 export list.

is worth mentioning is the development of tourism economy in Yiwu has attached great importance to the city leaders, in 2010 the national tourism commodity development center located in Yiwu Creative Park, previously for the domestic tourism product development has no unified organization, there is no unified standard, in late November, on behalf of the relevant enterprises across the country experts, leaders at all levels and tourism products gathered in Yiwu creative park about tourism commodity development direction.

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