Giants compete for the next battleground the future of social electricity providers will depend on

Abstract: relying on the flow of electricity providers to maintain the platform will slowly lose its original advantages, the relationship between the main social electricity supplier or will become the next battleground giants compete.

Micro business seems to be in the capital at

cold approaching advance into the dormant state, instead of the "new play" double eleven "during the Beijing Teng plan to shop and adorable as the representative of the social + electricity supplier.

although the social electricity supplier has been in full swing, but there is not really much improvement, or just started reasons, social grafting electricity supplier, electricity supplier grafting social efficacy is not obvious. Even for the growth in the era of PC business platform, after the social "transplant" instead of a chicken ribs, did not happen on what role in the actual transaction closed loop.

launch shop in WeChat, social electricity supplier has aroused discussion is not small, "Taobao", "killing third party" and other strong opinions gradually increasing, but soon with the Jingdong and the Tencent "knot", these eye-catching remarks on the WeChat No one shows any interest in, and rash and too much in haste the shop also gradually fade out of public view. What is the concept of social electricity supplier is greater than the essence or the necessity of the development of mobile providers, now the conclusion may be premature, but the relationship between a physical and social electricity supplier may, the author thinks that social electricity supplier in the future will depend on the following three relations.

acquaintance electricity supplier based strong relationship

The so-called "

business" often refers to the trading between strangers and acquaintances, the electricity supplier is a "cooked" behavior, this is against humanity in traditional business ethics, ethics. But in the social electricity supplier, I think it is feasible. The reason is the social electricity supplier is a decentralized form of electricity providers, business rules in the increasingly transparent conditions, earn the difference of information era has become the past, but in the pursuit of personalized and differentiated today, recommendation and word-of-mouth people increasingly rely on acquaintances, between search and recommendation, more and more people willing to believe the latter.

acquaintance electricity supplier business is a kind of trust in the economy, acquaintance, trust endorsement under the protection of consumers are more concerned about product quality and price, they are more willing to bestie or relatives and friends recommend. This acquaintance of social relations into a strong sticky electricity supplier is a good form of development.

to the community based electricity supplier relations

almost a little influence of the media people or craft people, want to achieve the most is the community electricity supplier. Because it can quickly gather a group of interests and common interests, and then establish a so-called value of the contract, consumers will soon be able to find a sense of belonging and identity in this circle. The author will be divided into two types of community electricity providers: one is based on the brand community electricity supplier, a personal. The former to iPhone, for example, the latter is the most typical of thinking.

products as the core of the community electricity supplier, often inspired by the user’s curiosity and expectations. A new product

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