Blue sky Pavilion analysis of innovative Taobao buy products micro blog melon

today on Juhuasuan’s page to see what things to buy, I never thought of buying fruits and lettuce on the Internet, I think most of them and I think so. Surprised to find that there is a group of products called micro-blog melon, attracted me to go into the details. The planning of the store is very innovative, blue sky Pavilion is a very successful planning, can not help but write the following analysis, I hope we can learn from or more guidance.

micro-blog melon activities are: buyers photographed products are 3 seeds. The seller shipped (including gifts, 2 seeds, VIP customers book, adoption agreement), this is the first time the seller’s delivery. In the 80 days of the product, the seller will be for the buyer to cultivate another seed, every week with micro-blog to the development of the seed photos sent to buyers. About 80 days after the second delivery, the seller will use high-grade packaging box packaging ripe melon, sent to the buyer, the buyer after receiving payment confirmation. Analysis of the Taobao store’s attractions, for your reference.

1 win at the starting line

this shop has won in the starting line, if the average price of goods into the store Juhuasuan probability of 50%, then the commodity into the shop rate of up to 80% I do not think too much.

a lot of customers want to buy cheap goods (including blue sky Pavilion), generally look at the list of buy, they need to find out whether the product is cheap enough to see whether it is worth buying. Most buyers look at the list when buying, if you do not intend to purchase online fruit, I believe that the probability of clicking on a fruit class buy goods is very small. So finally ready inventory, through Taobao Juhuasuan audit, in store traffic or rely on the positioning of the goods into the crowd, although this is a more accurate flow, but if you can impress potential target customers, is very beneficial for future sales.

2 to further enhance the intensity of attraction

The entrance of

products is very innovative enough to attract people into the store. How to maximize the attraction to buy


seller is awesome in this, since the contents, I do not 11 type, see the screenshot below.



is the most commonly used ad "do not send IPAD activities is bullying, the shop also used the recent great concern of the IPAD and IPHONE, plus many small gifts, can say suck


3 eliminate buyer purchase concerns

online shopping most of the fruit of the customer is concerned about the safety of transportation and whether the problem of deterioration. The melon is not easy to change, this problem almost no concern. The seller to eliminate the buyers transportation safety concerns? Only in the picture (thousands and thousands of words please.

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