The new regulations have been implemented to curb its micro business circle of friends advertising c

State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently promulgated the "Interim Measures for Internet advertising management" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), clearly put forward the Internet advertisement shall be distinguishable, marked "advertisement", for consumers to distinguish.



since September 1st, the implementation of the measures, has been nearly a month. However, WeChat’s Micro circle of friends, many still do purchasing advertising, illegal operation.

in view of this situation, deputy director of Internet Governance and law research center of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Xie Yongjiang told this newspaper that the commercial advertisement is marked on the release to constrain the power of the WeChat platform and advertising, to protect the user or consumer’s right to know, so that users can clearly understand the nature of access to content, to select whether detailed reading.

WeChat advertising is still capricious

at present, with the popularity of micro business, many people choose to publish and sell products through the circle of friends. "Meng Da insulation Cup, there is a small strap, awesome price, welcomed buddy private consultation." A few lines of text, plus a few map, often can attract a lot of friends.

and some of the public number is also quietly to send advertising. According to a media source, the main source of income is advertising and soft Wen, after the implementation of the approach, they are in accordance with the company’s hard advertising plus advertising label, but the soft Wen is not tagged to operate.

I understand that after the implementation of the new regulations on Internet advertising, any legal person, organization and natural person to use the Internet to carry out commercial advertising activities, will be subject to supervision.

In addition

, National School of Administration law professor Yang Weidong warned that some people in the circle of friends to help a friend forwarded advertising, personal identity from the information users into information providers and advertisers, even though you didn’t participate in the Internet advertising business activities, but still within the scope of regulation.

The public should reinforce awareness of

Why is it so hard to end

chaos advertising circle of friends?

in Yang Weidong view, first, the social platform, the boundaries of information and advertising is very vague; two is the circle of acquaintances, the lack of public awareness of risk prevention.

Xie Yongjiang believes that the circle of friends has both the public domain property, but also has the attributes of the private sector, which gives the regulatory tentacles extension caused obstacles.

usually in the circle of friends to write about their daily life, and send new product pictures and links. This soft advertising, it is easy for everyone to accept. Moreover, in the economic environment of fans, many times do not even have to advertise, you may send a photo, wearing clothes and bags back, there will be someone to take the initiative to consult." From Liaoning, Dalian, micro business Liu said in an interview with this newspaper.

"Friends of the ads, I"

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