Jumei com executives interpret earnings baby products will run at a loss

[Abstract] jumei.com first quarter total net revenues of $250 million 600 thousand, an increase of 61.8% over last year to $154 million 900 thousand.


Tencent Francisco Beijing on May 23rd news, jumei.com (NYSE:JMEI) recently released as of March 31st in the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 unaudited financial results. The report shows that jumei.com first quarter total net revenues of $250 million 600 thousand, up 61.8% over the same period last year, $154 million 900 thousand; net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders of the company was $15 million 700 thousand compared to the same period last year, net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders of the company for $1050, an increase of 49.5%.

after the earnings release, jumei.com founder, chairman and CEO Chen Ou, jumei.com Co CFO Meng, Co CFO Zheng Yunsheng held a conference call, results and highlights and answer analyst questions.

below is the main part of the Q & A Q:

T.H. capital analyst: my question is about the United States commodity category expansion, your speed duty-free business category by cosmetics was extended to maternal and child products, how the current maternal commodities performance? Do you have any other category expansion plans? In addition, with the expansion of your category, order and transaction volume also on the rise, so you have what development plans in the storage of


Gao Meng: "speed on duty-free sea Amoy business, we have launched the baby products sales in April 15th, although the time is very short, but from the perspective of orders, we have currently become the first class mother sea Amoy business on the market, and the order quantity is ten times second.

in the future we will also consider other category expansion, we said before, the sea Amoy business, cosmetics, luxury goods, health, maternal and child health care products are relatively large category, and these are female customers love the product category, so it is very suitable for jumei.com users group.

With the expansion of

and the size of our order category growth, we also increase the bonded warehouse area constantly, and now we have a lot of retained storage space to support category expansion and growth in orders.

Chen ou: about storage, even in the first quarter, we are still around the new warehouse, now we all in the number of cross-border electricity supplier in the warehouse is the largest, and we basically have occupied all the China bonded area of cross-border electricity supplier warehouse, so this is no problem for us, there are problems the other is the opponent.

Oppenheimer analyst: my question is about maternal cross-border business, at present you in this area has made very good progress, I want to know what you think of the 2015 fiscal year, maternal and child class cross border business income contribution to parent? "

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