Amoy rules general mobilization of the right and wrong

August 14th, home appeared in the "Taobao collection rules" Amoy to all members of the announcement, called on all industry participants to establish sales network of "humanity, transparent, perfect and systematic" new rules of online shopping.

the majority of online shopping lovers like to see on platform launched a timely help to create a more honest behavior more orderly online shopping system, because the actual participants as online shopping will also be the beneficiary, but whether the last written "Amoy" rules to solve most of the problems exist in the online shopping, I am afraid to wait until the "Amoy rules" the Mount Lu really emerged only after the.


without exception is optimistic about the move, claiming to be "the establishment of Amoy rules is not only a network legislation, more important is the establishment of the legislative model, because it has changed the industry norms formulated by the relevant legislative departments and monopoly industries, may have a" despot clause "practices.

then the "Amoy rule" whether it will become the basis of legislation to solve the network consumers and shop contradiction, as network marketing observers ebdoor clock that Hyperion can from the following aspects watches "Amoy rules" of the national assembly.

"Amoy first rule" is a continuation of Taobao since July 24th Taobao seller self-examination event, seller credit evaluation has been self-examination with vigour and vitality all the buyers agree to cheer, but at the same time, because the actual operation across the rough also hurt a lot of selling home enthusiasm and emotion, even to maintain the interests of the seller based on the so-called "anti Taobao union". When the legitimate business sellers because Taobao aims to maintain the integrity of the online shopping self-examination and suffered a loss, to time and network platform itself against each other, Taobao had to review the feasibility of self-examination events, after all, the power of network operators and interests can’t be ignored. Because the root of online shopping is the credit spread of Taobao’s original credit system has great defects, the network credit crisis can not bear only by independent buyers.

and Taobao, the seller of credit self action, "Amoy rules" full collection or reconstruction of the new online shopping credit system, online shopping is on the construction of credit system to remedy the situation, in addition to "Amoy collection rules" is to soothe feelings of self action after the seller of online shopping, participants collective emotional damage remedy.


"Amoy rule" is really like Taobao boast, can open the legislative model of "innovation"? First of all, as Taobao shop sales platform operator, identity can not be changed, all the behavior of Taobao is still the enterprise behavior, any move it must represent the interests of the enterprise, the can not change, this is also the beginning of a self-examination in action on the voice questioned Taobao as both player and referee". Although Taobao emphasized that constructing overall new rules of online shopping, but there is no denying that the discourse power is still the Taobao rules is the largest beneficiary of Taobao’s own, and not to participate in the online shopping transaction >

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