Thousands of Taobao shop to sell match gun the seller said it is nostalgic toys but stressed that c

according to Voices Online reported on January 10th, Hunan Zhuzhou a man Yemou matches Gun Toys for children when online shopping, has been identified as firearms, has been Procuratorate of Tianyuan District of Zhuzhou City, on suspicion of illegal possession of firearms on its prosecution.

Yemou said that the matches he gun is in Taobao spent 148 yuan to buy the. Surging news to match gun as the key words, search on Taobao, found that there are thousands of selling matches gun shop.

is to match to match the gun bullets, the collision ignited the match head explosion sound effect. Taobao said the seller, often Youwei business consulting, is adapted for gun match playing ball".


Taobao shop in the introduction of a match gun page. Screenshot

Taobao sellers are particularly stressed that the match gun can not be modified. In most of the seller’s propaganda, the match gun is nostalgic toys, listen to the sound". However, there are also thousands of yuan to match some gun gun goods, as long as 47cm, can be called "detonated 8 matches the gun head, bang!"

Beijing Institute of Technology School of law professor Xu Xin said that the current 1.8 joules / square centimeter of firearms identified lower standards, matches the gun after modification may exceed this standard, buyers and sellers should pay special attention to.

Taobao seller posted Disclaimer: modification unintended consequences

surging news observed, the price of the match gun is generally less than one hundred or two hundred yuan, the principle is basically similar, that is, the use of matches the head of gunpowder launch. Sellers to "childhood memories", "Favorites" and so on to promote the product, called "the main sound".

in Taobao, match gun search page price classification statistics show that 38% of buyers like to $87 to $7 of goods, the price range accounted for the largest. In this price range, surging news consulting a sales front shop. The store selling the best a stainless steel match gun monthly sales have over a thousand pens.

the seller said, this match gun firing principle is the use of gunpowder on the match head". At the same time, the seller said that the power of this match gun is not large, the match can be played out, how far is not playing, is to listen to the sound." There are buyers of its products under the comment: "a deafening gun, ah, the neighbors thought I shot it, the money value of this gun."

The introduction of product

the "stainless steel match gun" shows that the product material is imported 304 stainless steel, a long 23cm, high 10.5cm. The body parts including metal hammer and metal spring. During the operation, first pull the hanging pin, and then into the match, finally pulled the trigger. Recommended for ages 10 to 14.

profile, the seller is particularly prominent identified a disclaimer: this match gun for childhood nostalgia toys, can not do any modification, such as the modification of the unexpected consequences >

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