Online line mode allows the network to break through the siege Jedi rebirth


data show that in June the number of national buy site reached 4678, adding 168, this data is far lower than in May (in May added 262), the number of sites to buy the growth rate to maintain the trend of slowing down. At the same time, many small and medium-sized group purchase network closed, even absconding, causing customer complaints news network 24 group purchase coupons can be heard without end; it broke the inability to repay the advertising expenses scandal; in 2011 April, the U.S. mission network initiative to close the four city of Chifeng, Longyan, Yulin, Ma’anshan station, began to shrink the front; and friends, Wo Wo Group in the near future also came news of mass layoffs.

coupled with Chinese companies to go abroad to market the window is closed, the wind to buy the network investment enthusiasm greatly reduced. Part of the two or three line group purchase websites have to lower the price, in order to obtain financing is good for the winter, but the wind has been reluctant to train network group purchase of muddy water, think this industry bubble is too big. But the fierce competition, let the network group purchase costly advertising investment, resulting in gross margin fell to 8%-10%, or even lower, many large group purchase net net profit loss. So Chinese group purchase network into the winter, not exaggeration.

in such a severe financial and excessive competition, has 5000 websites China network group purchase market will inevitably usher in a reshuffle tide, what kind of group purchase network can survive in the shuffle tide? According to the Modern Express’s quick group activities for example, put forward their own views.

August 5th, the United States and the United States to join the group to create a fast line marketing model, limited time to buy spike. The attraction of the concern of many people, a lot of people to participate in the activities, the response effect is very good, many people learned through this fast group activity, for the fast group brand made a very good publicity. According to the author, the group in order to be able to secure the winter, and make good use of the crisis, hoping to break through the siege to carry out the line marketing model. As we all know, the group itself is the online marketing model, fast break the tradition of the group, in addition to online marketing under the line marketing.

it is reported that the fast mission to carry out this activity, it can be described as a variety of promotional channels together.

group is a subsidiary of modern express, so have the advantage of traditional print media, before in the letters do propaganda, published information on the activities of. At the same time, the use of the fast group now moistest — micro-blog to carry out publicity, as long as you can get a prize forwarding. Nanjing is also the most famous forum activities of publicity on the In addition, the fast group to do this DM, distributed in various areas of Xinjiekou, so that as many people understand the relevant information of the event.

I think the fast group activities is not successful, as Nanjing’s famous group purchase website, the line activities let many people know and understand the fast group, made a very good brand image promotion for fast group.


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