Alibaba business secret Bo silly theory

we first look at what is the Bo silly theory, if you have the experience of friends should have heard this theory. It is in the capital market (such as stock, futures market): the reason why people completely ignore the real value of something and are willing to spend to buy expensive, because they are expected to have a greater fool will spend a higher price to buy it from them.

I am from around 2003 began to contact e-commerce, e-commerce has always been concerned about the dinosaurs of the enterprise – the development of Alibaba. Ma’s business strategy is to think with a very complex mood, but also with the growth of the Alibaba group and the operation of e-commerce sites continue to have a new understanding and understanding.

Today afternoon

(09/06/06) was invited to participate in the Alibaba’s Ali software in Shenzhen held a small "how to improve the network marketing professional lecture?", I have a strong learning attitude to believe the nearly 50 people is such a mentality to.

professional lectures in the king of the opposite side of the Huaan International Hotel, the requirements of the staff to participate in very high conditions, are generally corporate and the highest level of responsibility, and only one person. The lecture itself is free, and the opening is not much different from all the lectures. Talk about a few interesting:

1, the main lecturer is like Zhou Runfa’s "epic" approach approach, style is full of


2, each table arranged a pretty pretty so-called customer service staff to serve the participants;

3, after the opening made a change of business card activity, for the most business cards were Ma wrote

There is no difficult business "

". There is no difficult business is Ali software announced

slogan, Alibaba is the world is not difficult to do business". One to do a tube, very clear, the world’s business Ali to the package!

the next PPT demo to make the participants sleepy, exchange card first name actually fell asleep. This lecture I didn’t feel and learn how to improve the network marketing to any thing, I only know the equivalent in a "such as how to make your wealth" such a meeting, the ultimate aim is to promote their products, and at the end of the meeting let you pay

pay, do not let you go back to have more room for thinking. So I ran away. Who knows this almost run away, the array type "customer service" just tore my clothes hard will pull me back


I know halfway impolite, but these customer service regardless of whether you have a pair to hold the attitude makes me feel respected, not to experience any good service, but also the first encounter stiff block like


this is some small details of the meeting, the ultimate goal is to promote the sale of Ali software

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