n addition to the price of marketing what else can we do

sales in this price, troubled times, in addition to fight price especially, what can we do? I think a lot of companies or private owners are considering this problem, a lot of people think, spell quality, fight


in a steel forum and the peer exceeded this topic today, we finally unified turned out to be surprisingly consistent – together! In today’s commodity society, the price of steel should be is one of the most frequent changes, it is changing every day, even a day or several changes, how, in a in such circumstances, how do you spell the price, often as you fight to win the price to get the list, but lost, you know, now the iron and steel industry businesses profit margins of less than 3%. Spell price is not spelled old life?

back and talk to spell quality, but was immediately refuted, but in the face of some non-standard products, the current domestic steel quality homogeneity is very serious, the process is there, not what operation, with non-standard products, but the price is not people than you. Finally talked about the fight, in the background of price homogeneity, we only take the outcome in the service, we talked about the steel industry into the network marketing, Internet marketing is not a long time, because it is a single industry, the domestic 200 vanguard industry company basically is China steel spot network of a few industries the web site for the polymerization. We found a common, do not know the steel industry is lack of long-term business network marketing consciousness or what, anyway, most of the enterprises are carefully from the network after receiving orders, afraid to encounter a liar, which is no way to do, especially the huge amount of iron and steel trade, hundreds of millions of money to pay through the Internet, must be careful, who is now on the network. Many crooks.

I even encountered such a situation, some time ago in a China steel spot on the list, the amount is not much, about about 2000000 of the way, the truth, for the iron and steel trade, is really not big, results all settled, the buyer does not certainly through online payment, would rather run all the way we are here to send a cheque. Fear is that we are afraid of the company, he gave me the money I do not ship;

that happens after all or our service is not good, I can’t believe you, so how to do service? Because in the Internet marketing, we should make a series of pre-sale, sale, service customer service, formed a good reputation, naturally, word of mouth, but often in reality there are few people are willing to do, it is not difficult to find, the steel business because of its particularity, small buyers suppliers are often indifferent, this is almost a common problem in the industry, especially in network marketing, if you call the past to say a few tenths of tons of cargo, the other is absolutely immediately hung up the phone, don’t hang up I’m sure 99% is a shell company.

this is the embodiment of your service quality place, we do sell, remember, and then a single small, also want to treat thousands of single >

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