Jingdong accused of selling fake cosmetics user rights identified problems

in extensive network Beijing on June 13th news (reporter Du Ximeng) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that in June 5th, known as the "more" Jingdong mall once again play price promotion, but after just three days, there are consumers in the online exposure that part of their own cosmetics in Beijing East bought a fake.

as an independent B2C, Jingdong has been its own quality goods based on the field of electricity supplier, but why this has so many complaints?

Beijing Xiao Wu is one of the first consumer rights, she purchased Kiehl’s Shea butter, Jingdong promotional price of 299, as long as 199.

: the eye opened after Takeshi there is something wrong, because I have bought a counter does not run out, two to compare, the feeling is not the same. And the finished product list, and only one ingredient is the same.

the same complaint contains almost all series of products sold by the Jingdong yan. The first time on the Jingdong to buy cosmetics Miss Tan received the same brand of cucumber water there are some problems.

: Miss Tan was to buy 200 minus 100, I bought this June 8th, after I brush micro-blog keywords, suddenly Jingdong selling, I get a look, I have a little Meng, I bought this product in the disclosure of his fake list.

Miss Tan immediately to the Jingdong complaints, but the Jingdong responded that the sale of products for all genuine licensed cosmetics sold by a non refundable.

Miss Tan: customer service said, unless the counter to open proof to you, otherwise we do not recognize is false. I will go to the Shin Kong well, then I took it out to the teller counter a look, he just smiled and said very helpless, this watch is a fake. But not in the official website can not be detected.


application is in the Jingdong refused to return, Miss Tan selection will be released on micro-blog, and then establish a QQ group of activists takeshi. Mr Chen, who became one of the activists in Zhejiang, has suffered more serious problems. In the use of his girlfriend in the Jingdong to buy the marigold, the face of the allergic reaction.

Chen: probably in June 7th received on the use of the feeling after the use of a little redness on the face, to face swollen on the 9. The hospital said, this is allergic. Then a friend said to me, with this fake problem, Yan, I immediately went to buy the PH test, but the pH only 2 points. I call the Jingdong directly, because I am also a VIP client, so their senior customer service and I said, there is no problem, rest assured. But in the morning, I was told that you could give me a refund.

, according to Mr. Lin, from the beginning of the morning of 12, the majority of users in the group have received a call from Jingdong, said it can be returned for everyone, but Jingdong customer service or insisted that the sale of goods

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