Cloud data the advantages of using independent P space

has a separate IP space has many webmaster site wishes, but some webmaster until now no shot, mostly because I think the price is too expensive, or do not understand the benefits of independent IP space, the cloud data to talk about marketing some independent IP space on the site whether it is good or bad, hope to be able to help some want to use independent IP space station.

1, free domain name binding user domain name can be resolved directly to the independent IP do not have to go to the virtual host control panel to do binding

2, IP reduces the chances of being sealed? To avoid because of a web site. A large, close an illegal website will affect a large area of the "gates of fire affecting the fish ‘


3, from attack? When the same server virtual machine on other customers attacks such as DDOS??? Independent IP space will not be affected


4, to enhance the user website search engine and a chance? If a IP corresponds to only one site? The search engine will assess the site of high quality in order to improve the collection level? Easier for search engines to crawl to the web page? Is conducive to the website promotion and the network marketing


5, you can use IP to visit the site directly? Users can directly access the site through an independent IP to avoid the general sharing of IP direct access to IP will get the wrong report can increase the corporate image?

6, can achieve the pan binding domain? IP alone can be achieved after the previous implementation of Windows virtual machine pan domain binding function of


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