Tencent 1 billion from business integration force

Xu Jieyun

for electricity providers, Tencent determined to play really.

announced last weekend after the restructuring of the structure, the electricity supplier business spin off the establishment of an independent company, Tencent announced yesterday that it will operate independently of the Tencent electricity supplier holding company invested $1 billion. As announced, Tencent group president Liu Chiping served as chairman of the board of directors of Tencent electricity supplier.

familiar with the analysis of Tencent said that the Tencent within the group of other industrial engineer culture strong, while electricity supplier business needs more business thinking; in addition, Tencent QQ mall, pat net between multilayer layout also exist problems of resource allocation, for the harmonic. More importantly, the layout of the electricity supplier needs to cover multiple aspects of the industry chain, especially access to logistics and distribution and other heavy assets, and this is the original Tencent light company role is not very harmonious.

resolution is helpful to avoid or solve these series of problems, but also for the day after the introduction of other aspects of the industry chain to set aside capital cooperation possible space.

Tencent layered electricity supplier 3 to 2

this generous investment will make the Tencent system electricity supplier more clout. Last week, Yi Xun network CEO Bu Guangqi had smiled on the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said: "we now have the backing, can also be bigger and promotion."

Prior to

, has been fast and easy to low-key appearance, and One principle runs through it all. expert in stinginess. Since 2005 to 2010 years, they did not even market. Today, it seems to have a rich two generation of feeling, began last week, they announced a high profile with 500 million resources to join the 3C appliance electricity supplier war.

‘s new Tencent electric holding company CEO Wu Xiaoguang also spoke publicly for. He said that under the $1 billion investment, Tencent will increase investment in B2C vertical class, through the end to end experience to create high-quality user reputation, which led to the creation of a new generation of high-quality commercial electricity supplier open platform.

this investment with Tencent electricity supplier structure adjustment. Previously, it’s electricity supplier layout is divided into three layers, namely, pat the field of C2C, B2C QQ mall and its investment in the field of super star network consisting of super online shopping platform. And now, it requires more resource integration effect, more efficient platform for electronic business platform, which is integrated into a unified QQ online shopping".

specifically, Tencent electricity supplier stratification will be 3 to 2, divided into self contained and open the top two platforms. The former will become the role of B2C, while the latter is B2B2C format.

3C vertical electric

easy fast from the original Tencent investment holdings into front-end operators QQ proprietary business platform online shopping, good music to buy, shop No. 1 and other B2C will present QQ mall high-quality businesses assume part of the open platform. While other C stores are incorporated into the open platform, as QQ online shopping mall".

addition, easy >

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