From VANCL layoffs of 5% electricity supplier winter or early arrival

IT insiders believe that e-commerce sites or will usher in early winter

day before micro-blog came a letter to be written to kiss layoffs mail, refers to the company assessed by 5% the proportion of layoffs quota. In this regard, the reporter contacted the Eslite details, but the other did not respond. Prior to the IT industry believes that e-commerce sites or will usher in winter in advance.

reporter found that the name is "three old" ask the mail, asking: "every department must be 5% places, where is this purpose with early recruit people crazy?" there are well-known industry observers believe that, from where the official page view, there is no audience free shipping, advertising alliance Commission accordingly to reduce the sudden layoffs, and perhaps confirms where the cut operation and labor cost strategy. Reporters also noted that earlier this month, we announced the Alliance Cooperation Commission from 16% to 10%, caused a lot of dissatisfaction and denounce the webmaster webunion. At that time, some analysts pointed out that at least twenty million of the profits it can bring to customers. Customer price low determines where the commission rate is not too high, and we started to increase television advertising, focus on the implementation of promoting customer Master and other social media marketing, where the signal is lowered WebUnion commission cost savings, even the pursuit of profit.

recently, frequent layoffs of e-commerce website information, it seems not accidental events. As early as July, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong dished out the winter theory that the end of this year, the first half of next year, the advent of e-commerce in the winter, and this winter ahead of time for nearly a year. It is based on the judgment of this winter, many companies have been far more than the cost of marketing sales.

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