Suning open online and offline members over 100 million Cloud members benefit

hold on consumer demand, Suning, it should be said that "our work", because it is closely related to people’s livelihood enterprises, only grasp the consumers most urgent need, in order to meet the current consumer demand diversification. In order to launch Suning Cloud members, Suning early members of the country conducted a detailed investigation, and open up the online and offline members, but also consumers eager to achieve the aspirations of.

Internet transformation speed efficiency

since the beginning of this year, Suning continuous implementation of a series of policies to optimize the adjustment of business ideas, and actively promote the landing of the O2O model. Under O2O mode, Suning store is no longer the only store sales function, but a set of display, experience, logistics, customer service service, social recreation, marketing as one of the new stores – "cloud store, store will be open free WIFI, the implementation of electronic tag electronic shelf, multimedia products of the whole layout the use of the Internet, the Internet of things, we collected all kinds of consumer behavior, promote the retail entity to enter the era of big data. At the same time, also plans to use the mobile Internet and home Internet technology, the store opened to the consumer’s pocket and living room. Reporters learned from Suning, the implementation of a number of new initiatives are paving the way for the transformation of the internet. For example, in June this year, to double the same price, the actual action cleared the last obstacle blocking O2O fusion. In September, an open platform for online and offline comprehensive investment, open to the whole society resources, store resources, category of logistics resources, service resources, brand promotion resources, supply chain resources, is Suning transforms into an excessive level of retail platform. The upcoming Su Ningyun members, completely open up the online and offline members of the partition, so Suning transformation of the Internet further accelerate efficiency.

consumers will enjoy more rights

Su Ning, the integration of online and offline resources, provide more convenience and benefits for members to achieve closed-loop user flow, must be attractive enough to promote membership stickiness, so Suning this greatly enhanced dual membership shopping sticky. The future of Suning stores and membership membership points, fanquan will completely open up the membership, together, provide the same goods and services for them, let them into the same circle of interaction.

Suning "Cloud members" at the same time with a large capacity, high security, reliability, support the use of non-contact, pay more quickly and so on. In "Cloud members" to provide services, more than 1 thousand and 600 stores, Tesco official store, redBaby mother, and other resources Suning’s integration to achieve a multi-purpose card, realize "one card in hand, sharing online and offline membership privileges" function.

over 100 million Cloud members benefit from

Suning has always been the convenience of users, improve service, and constantly meet the needs of the majority of consumers, as a member of the two lines of integration is an important standard to achieve results. By convening a forum of social supervisors, collect consumer opinions and other means, Suning to the community to collect a number of more focused opinions and building

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