Tmall store name repaying Public opinions are divergent is right or wrong

since yesterday the state power grid issued an article entitled "accident! 200 Tmall stores are cleaning" article, caused widespread concern of the audience for the event, various mixed reviews, or support, or oppose, it seems that every party has good reason. Billion state power network will be one of the representative comments were collected to find out.


billion state power network on the matter to the audience to do a survey, the results showed that 4752 people participated in the survey, more than half of the people expressed support for Tmall, which has 1571 people that the main reason of the event is the brand itself, at the same time, there are 22% of people think that Tmall is not the right approach, action so decisions, influence the development of domestic brands, and 22% of people said that this attitude is more moderate, sooner or later, you can understand.

support side:



1, do not install, really did not know the name of the time, I hope Tmall management more and more severe and formal, to combat bad business.

2, from the reason it is hard to accept or reject these similar Tmall copycat suspected shop, but in fact, Ali already listed, the internationalization of foreign law, certainly not because the reason to be. The law is the lowest moral standard, when settled in Tmall is ready to play ball, when no dividend to complain about Ali? Instead of complaining about not how the transformation of creative companies instead of imitation.

3, like the English name of the Chinese transliteration of the registration of a trademark I really spit it.

4, did not play a copycat name, will not be out of Tmall, this is

deserve it!

5, clean up well! Fish’s should bring order out of chaos, the end, this is conducive to the long-term development of the brand China.

6, for the consumers, strong support! Support! But the risk is there, you should grasp the pony, ah, such measures need to China economic market irregularities, the economy will never progress! This is a need for innovation and breakthrough in the


7, turn well, consumers to buy things more secure, cottage goods, imitation goods, fake Tmall do not do a good job.

8, the news a, full screen, anger and condemnation to regret Tmall moral, said Tmall has said Tmall xiemoshalv, to the international brand insinuator! In fact, Shanghai’s largest copycat brand is not the international brand, this type of damage the opium business model formally to the national biggest original brand, the original power will kill the whole country, and the loss of international competitiveness, Tmall really moral should be thoroughly cleaned

as soon as possible!

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