Gome Suning transition path PK Paul now or Bo future

Zhang Ying / text

in the case of Gome Suning said, we should first look at earnings. 2013, the United States 4 consecutive quarters of profitability, and continued to rise in profitability. Only in the fourth quarter, the United States grew by an annual income of up to $17.6%, Suning is -2.45%; GOME stores grew by up to 17.5%, Suning is only about the same as the United States, the gross profit margin of the United States is to reach 19.35%, while Suning fell to $14.35%.

from the digital surface, the United States and the United States is much better than Suning, but if the responsibility of view, and can not explain what the problem.

first, according to history. 2012 is the year of the national history of the United States, even in the United States in 2013, the annual revenue is still no more than the peak of the year in 2011. Therefore, the United States in 2013 earnings is not a great achievement. The United States is only restored to the normal state of the industry.

looked at Suning’s earnings, Suning continued to grow every year. Why Gome, Suning has produced such a difference in revenue it?

Suning and the United States took a completely different two roads, the differences between these two roads is not more important than the online and offline. Whether the United States or Su Ningdu on the Internet of the attempt, also have carried out a number of online advertising, online and offline prices facing bo. The United States is even more wrong, as the two sites (United States online Kuba) in common use.

this can be said that this does not mean that the United States and the electricity supplier than Suning pragmatic. The core of the difference is the span of the category. The United States is still doing the core of the category as the core line of electricity, and Su Ningmai on the whole category to expand the line. For example, Suning has its own open platform, which is not the United states. Suning in the department store, mother and child, the United States is not. Even Suning next step in the store will also be carried out category expansion.

so, the United States is a major recession after the recovery period, while Suning belongs to the adjustment led to the slow growth period.

the United States now have to walk the road is very similar to the hisap, is taking the route of a single retail category of matrix. And the way to go, the three axes can be clear.

is the first resort, the minimum cost to get traffic matrix layout of the store.

first, the United States directly cut off most of the inefficient stores. The remaining non self inefficient stores, the United States direct rental, sharing costs.

secondly, the United States and department stores, ShoppingMall shop in consultation with the shop, make full use of other people’s own passenger guide. For retail, online and offline is the same, its essence is the flow. Composite channel matrix, where there is a guest on the open. This is the United States and the store opened Dangdang, Tmall is a meaning.

second resort, is to optimize the supply chain. Today, the city is separated from the field. >

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