Talk about the meaning of data analysis flow ratio

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data is not out of date Chinese There is much fineness in the SEO sector was not too popular to speak with the data, or will not turn off the light forum. Nonsense not say today about the first mall is how to speak with the data, the data in the end is what brought us? Search engine traffic operation of the foundation, is nothing more than that several key indicators: the volume of page visits included the number, site (IP), web browsing, and bounce rate. But like the first mall shopping site, the site’s visit is particularly important, this will be said next.

1: the number of pages included

for e-commerce shopping website, web page included the number is equal to the number of products from Baidu, because the product is mostly a pseudo static web pages, is a product is a web page, Baidu is the number of as can be imagined, included, so the product is included, which is more conducive to the user Baidu search to their products.


2: site visits (IP)

a site’s success depends largely on how much traffic, want to buy the site, like the beginning of everyone to do, it is easy to cause the market saturation. For a long time, it can be imagined that it is bound to buy a round round of the group shuffle, those who have the flow of the site will survive, mostly dead less traffic, lack of reserve strength of the site. But here the need to distinguish between a situation is, the site’s traffic is IP, it is divided into the old and the new, if this is the first time in IP that is our new customers, so it is necessary for us to new and old customers to adopt a different strategy to keep them. Like new customers, we should take the initiative to contact them, ask them what they have, and try to improve them. Old customers to the main after-sales service, service in place. (for confidentiality considerations, IP access is not a screenshot)

3: Web browsing

web browsing is how many of our products are seen through these data, we can very good care of our products which are sold, which is popular, and for those selling products better position, those popular back swing, so as to achieve the best products. As can be seen from the chart, the amount of browsing and Baidu included ratio is too small. User experience is not high.


4: bounce rate


bounce rate is the percentage of the amount of views and the total amount of views that are left on the access page. We know that the rate of jump out of the site is an important indicator of the analysis. The higher the bounce rate indicating that the site visitors more attractive to low, when the bounce rate reaches a certain level, the website needs to do some optimization or update page. As is shown in the figure, it is clear that the red line is too high

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