Ali 11 strategy released social networking sprint sprint 50 billion

[Abstract] this year, Ali ten to a sales target of 50 billion yuan, 35 billion higher than last year.

Ali dual 11 strategy announced

Tencent technology month on October 13th reported

today, Ali announced in Hangzhou this year, Tmall double 11 strategy, will focus on the internationalization, wireless and platform of the three directions of force.


, in the international context, a major feature of this year’s double 11 "buy all over the world, the world can buy", is that domestic consumers can buy global commodities, including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, Italy, germany. Global consumers can also buy domestic goods; at the same time, more than 220 countries overseas consumers can participate in the world’s first shopping.

In the end of the 2014 Tmall

wireless, dual 11 set Alibaba group "end" of all forces, in addition to Tmall mobile phone, mobile phone Taobao, Alipay wallet, Amoy little platform, Ali investment UCweb, Youku, micro-blog, intime join them.

at the beginning of this year, Ma Yun (micro-blog) has proposed to take the wireless side of the cloud, the end of the strategy, specifically from the wireless, social, personalized, localized four aspects of exploration.

it is understood that Ali cloud + end strategic landing on the code Amoy and O2O will play a role in the double 11. 2014 to participate in eleven of all the shops, through the code Amoy package code business in advance to open their own shop interaction to store marketing activities. Consumers by scanning the two-dimensional code package, directly involved in the store red envelopes.

in addition, this year, 11 mobile phones before Taobao and Tmall will release two special edition of the new version, according to the big data applications will be customized for the user’s own double page 11 page.

news this year, Ali ten to a sales target of 50 billion yuan, 35 billion higher than last year.

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