Chinese people to buy the world’s 47% luxury goods about 102 billion


in the global luxury consumption due to the slowdown in the economy showed a slowdown in the background, the Chinese mainland consumers last year to buy almost half of the world’s luxury goods, of which more than 70% of consumption abroad. Experts believe that the Chinese people’s growing spending power and the rapid growth of overseas travel, led to luxury consumption boom. However, with the Chinese consumer psychology matures, the future of luxury goods consumption or cooling.

Chinese people to buy the world’s 47% luxury

China luxury market research firm wealth Quality Institute, recently released report shows that Chinese consumers outside the per capita consumption of 1508 euros, consumption capacity first in the world, is 3-5 times the per capita consumption of many European countries citizens overseas shopping. In 2013, Chinese bought 47% of global luxury goods, about 102 billion dollars, which only $28 billion in consumer Chinese territory, overseas consumption amount is as high as 73%.

with the rise in the number of people from abroad, the Chinese began to release the global spending power, and become the world’s largest tourist retail market, especially in the duty-free market buyers. Released from the 2013 top ten global duty-free group data can be seen, the main group of duty-free sales growth momentum, a number of companies to maintain double-digit growth, including DFS with sales of 4 billion 65 million euros in the global duty-free industry first, representing an increase of 25% in 2012. This is due to the huge consumer groups and strong consumer spending in Asia, especially in mainland china.

the report predicts that in 2014 China’s luxury consumption will further shift overseas, Hong Kong and Macao (30%), Europe (22%), the United States (21%) is the Chinese people to buy luxury goods abroad, the main areas of the top three. Meanwhile, the proportion of Chinese consumers to buy luxury goods in China than in 2013 decreased by 2%, Hong Kong and Macao fell by 14%.

outside the "lowest high quality" the obvious advantages of

with the rapid growth of China’s economy, the Chinese people’s wealth continues to accumulate, increasing spending power, the growing demand for luxury goods.

China has more than 1 billion 300 million people, active in the luxury market, the consumer is now about 75 million, even a slight increase in wealth and spending may have a significant impact." In the HSBC consumer and retail research department director · rambourg, Elven; not only luxury consumption and GDP growth and fiscal policy, it is also related to social and cultural trends. Because of this, very rich countries do not necessarily spend a lot of money on luxury goods. In many Western cultures, wealth is considered misconduct. In contrast, the Chinese show their wealth is considered "appropriate"".

in recent years, with the Chinese outbound a substantial increase in the proportion of luxury goods overseas, "low quality" advantages, thus.

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