Taobao needs to pay the price of success

actually, the Taobao platform China does give the economy into a source of power can not be ignored, the success of the natural lot, read online article is not difficult to see that the aura of success is still in their own eyes move, admiration, worship, or jealousy, there may be some trouble……

I was originally a film and television practitioners, made the plane CG 3D animation film and television special advertising drama, film and television director made the enterprise boss, anyway, scenery, also lost, really, life is not what the strong wind and big waves may be bitter and pain, life only one person I know, say it should be regarded as a failure, because prior to the work of a very busy, no time for family, so the wife ran with others… Then…… company because of careless operation involved in illegal contract dispute and closed.

as a warning for the future! Finally pack a good mood, pulls out when have the application to the Taobao account prompted by a sudden impulse, fortunately the account can be used normally. These days…… constantly in Amoy set the Internet bubble, watch, learn, there are a lot of successful people remain in my heart so that they want to learn. They have the ability to do a pro shop (after all he is the first batch of a computer person. At least the second batch) network knowledge is very rich, related technology also understand, ha ha, this is the source of their own power to

secondly, now find a very beautiful wife.


we cherish each other’s feelings…..


is worried about her in the air, worried that she cheated anyone in.

to open a shop? This is attention to the abstract, but efforts have been made to agree with my wife, then move up


more and more far, a bit wrong question! Or cut to the chase.

shop opened well (just a shell) where the essence of baby? (because of my occupation, and do not take the electronic commerce basic bar)

then the Internet mix! Feel some suspension…….. Taobao!!! Is a kind of family, the word "pro" I was very moved, is they let me slowly understand this a series of process, the reason why I say it is successful cost:

source, the basic elements of the shop, a good place to find suitable goods (pop, fashion, practical, cheap and so on), this link is that you must recognize will cooperate with suppliers on behalf of credit credit * keywords, purchase means the number of your cash flow.

currency circulation, which is the most important capital to open the shop, there is no capital simply do not

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