Jingdong and easy fast once again stand on the ring line where the way of business

we know that in the China field of electronic business, Taobao is the eldest brother, all else is the younger brother, even Jingdong, excellence, Ning Sun and other players can only survive in the cracks from Taobao. This creates a very interesting situation, but those who are against the domestic electricity supplier, second tier electricity supplier of the contest, no one will live to Taobao, but Taobao did not participate in any battle, but we are still fighting blood boil.

price war is the electricity supplier’s favorite, but often can not afford to play;

Recently, Jingdong and Tencent

mall fast and easy and created a dispute, Jingdong on Jan 15 to the Tencent’s business platform easy fast network sent a warning letter to the Jingdong, said Yi Xun commodity price comparison, to customers to carry out "you will lose" activities, in violation of the "Anti Unfair Competition Law" and related business ethics. The core point of dispute to lose your service is a fast and easy network beginning in November 2012 launched the consumer, its content is: if consumers in the fast and easy net purchase of goods than the Jingdong store price, Yi Xun will return the corresponding price to consumers.

a good look at everyone, this is a new round of business enterprise price war, is nothing but a formality conversion. With the beginning of 2013, the business enterprise for profit becomes more and more urgent, the Jingdong last year caused great concern of the price war this year but gradually to the "anti price war" evolution, and do not hesitate to legal means of blocking. This shows that the price war on the electricity supplier companies is not a lasting strategy, nor is it a profitable approach.

return to rational profit is the way to fight the price can not be sustained development;

in January this year, a Jingdong Store Group founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong annual meeting speech out, he said the 2013 Jingdong will be adhering to the "rest" strategy, to solve a series of problems, is expected to be profitable in the fourth quarter of this year the Jingdong. We have taken note of the "rest" is not recuperate, these four words each have different meanings. And put forward to realize the independent profit of Jingdong.

from here we can see, the electricity supplier price war blindly let them badly, the authorities have been aware of the importance of sustainable development. Secondly, purely on price as a gimmick business there are many Maoni, end also did not give consumers left a lot of good reputation. When investors burn money that day, that is, the end of the price war electricity supplier that day.

in addition to the price, the future development of electricity providers rely on to attract consumers.

is now an emphasis on the user experience of the times, in addition to the price to attract consumers, many people spend money in order to buy a quality of peace of mind and a service in place. Therefore, I think the future of the electricity supplier is to attract the point of sale, claims service.

business stall once bigger, there are many uncontrollable factors will, is the total commodity are defective, will encounter counterfeit goods; whenever a consumer shopping, will be involved.

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