Amazon China announced the completion of the layout of the business strategy of AU overseas purchas

NetEase Francisco May 14th news, Amazon Chinese ( yesterday announced that Amazon completed Meiya layout. In the past 6 months, Amazon on its global supplier resources and build cross-border logistics system, overseas purchase store to achieve the selection of the number and scale of the growing category. At present, more than 2 million original overseas products online sales, and is expected to cover the United States to China all Amazon direct mail 25 category at the end of June this year, the completion of a comprehensive strategic layout.


vice president of Amazon Chinese Niu Yinghua said: "the ‘sea purchased’ store on-line for half a year, to achieve a breakthrough not only in the number of sales growth and product selection, many technical difficulties we use Amazon’s advantage to eliminate the consumer in the process of scouring the sea in a lot of trouble and facing the industry. Re shaping the new benchmark industry in many areas of the sea Amoy products quantity, quality, price, logistics and customer service service at the same time, but also gain the affirmation and recognition of industry and consumers. In the future, we will continue to explore more innovative ways to introduce more original genuine chinese."

with the rapid development of China’s economy as well as the needs of Chinese consumers to improve the quality of life, sea Amoy has become a widely sought after emerging consumer trends. The huge consumer demand drives the rapid development of the cross-border electricity supplier industry at the same time, some business platform is facing difficulties, rich selection of quality assurance and logistics distribution etc. the widespread concern of consumers. Amazon through the global supplier of resources to meet the pursuit of quality of life for Chinese consumers, consumers can buy the world department store at home. At the same time, Amazon in the global total of 96 major operations center, can multinational distribution to 185 countries and regions, consumers can not only in the first time to receive the goods on time, but also through the automated delivery status of supply chain management and product tracking system for real-time tracking, enjoy cross-border logistics services." Niu Yinghua said.

Niu Yinghua at the same time the Amazon really sea Amoy mode was defined:

: the quality and supply of the pure sea is one of the most consumers concern in the sea Amoy problem. Overseas purchase all goods from the Amazon store currently American websites, including nearly 30 thousand international brands more than 2 million kinds of seasonal goods.

real time international price: through technical background unified system, Amazon overseas purchase all the goods in the store to ensure quality at the same time, the price with Amazon’s American site real time to maintain the same price, the Chinese consumers in the overseas purchase shops can be obtained with Amazon U.S. users very close to the shopping experience.

cross-border timely to: logistics is a very important aspect of the consumer in the sea Amoy process of concern. Relying on first-class cross-border logistics system of Amazon industry, Amazon overseas purchase merchandise standard delivery time for 2-3 weeks, the fastest 3 working days to reach the hands of consumers China. Entire delivery process status >

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