The people’s livelihood electricity supplier chiefs gathered in Shi Yuzhu nternet Financial ambitio

newspaper news (reporter Liu Xinyu) yesterday, two Internet financial news caused outside attention, one is the people’s livelihood electronic commerce limited liability company is registered in Qianhai, the other is the giant network launched the "full treasure". Two news Shi Yuzhu revealed in the financial aspects of the Internet’s ambition. But the Minsheng Bank not to disclose the specific strategic layout of Internet banking, the relevant person in charge of the electricity supplier does not comment on people’s livelihood.

livelihood electricity supplier bigwigs gathered

yesterday’s news that the people’s livelihood electronic commerce limited liability company is registered in Qianhai, subscribed capital of 3 billion yuan, is the first domestic and commercial banks formed the corresponding relationship between the silver business enterprises in close cooperation.

Minsheng Bank head office yesterday in an interview with this reporter did not comment on this information, the specific details are not clear".

news said, livelihood electricity promoters of Minsheng Bank’s seven major state-owned shareholders and non Minsheng Asset Management Company Limited, and non state-owned shareholder of Minsheng Bank, pay attention to Liu Yonghao, Shi Yuzhu, Guo Guangchang as the representative of the industry business chiefs.

Qianhai Management Bureau of the relevant information, the people’s livelihood electricity supplier is committed to "integration of intelligence, joint enterprises, service people’s livelihood" as the starting point, with the construction of the formation of small and micro customer demand based on the organic integration of e-commerce and financial activities, to achieve first-class market trading platform chain efficient matching based on the information platform, provide perfect service platform, matchmaking platform and market making platform integrated business and financial services to small and micro enterprises and individuals.

coincidentally, Shi Yuzhu’s giant network launched yesterday with the balance of treasure name similar to the full treasure business. Sources said the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office has received from the giant network of full treasure trademark registration application. Analysts pointed out that Shi Yuzhu has been of great interest in the field of investment and finance, and this time the latest initiatives in the field of Internet Finance may represent the direction of the next few years of efforts in the direction of the Shi Yuzhu.

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