Xu Jinglei moved to the B2C combined with VANCL to sell accessories

November 9th afternoon, following involved in electronic magazine, Taobao shop, Xu Jinglei’s open, zero bound accessories brand officially launched today, and the choice of clothing sales company VANCL vertical VANCL as exclusive sales.

according to the introduction, Xu Jinglei, the introduction of a total of six Necklace accessories, cat face design main market after 80, the future will be built as a zero bondage independent accessories brand. VANCL said that the reason Xu Jinglei chose to work with B2C is as busy star to dot the network customer service and distribution process is not easy.

VANCL has its own distribution team and customer service staff, after two years of operation, the system has been very mature, the normal processing of orders are over 10000." VANCL market sources, on the other hand, the beginning of the VANCL flagship free brand, but also to get Xu Jinglei’s attention.

previously there have been rumors that Xu Jinglei will speak VANCL, VANCL market department said only product cooperation, but Xu Jinglei also to let it become a VANCL not "burn" stealth spokesperson.

in the vertical clothing in the field of electronic commerce, there have been PPG burn money please spokesperson, and head of the volume of absconding rumors of disputes, and affect the development of the whole industry. VANCL side said that the current product design from its sales to the distribution, are gradually embarked on a positive cycle of the road, we have completely get rid of the shadow of the PPG event."

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