Discussion on how to promote Taobao shop from 0


shop has become a lot of friends or part-time business choice, but now Taobao has not set up shop and 0405 years when compared to the product homogeneity, competition incandescent, now the fight is to promote high quality, who can flow as much as possible for a minimum investment, who can be in the advantage in the competition. This article mainly introduces how to start for the novice sellers shop promotion from the 0, of course this is mainly about the promotion, for product selection and product sales and other aspects of the follow-up will be launched, we welcome the attention.

turn to the question, how do promotion Taobao store? I put him in two ways, one is free promotion, is a need for funding. Start with the pay promotion:

is the first Taobao shop opened, normal consumer protection sellers need to invest 30 yuan a month, non consumer protection sellers monthly $50. The money I personally think that is very necessary, now almost all big sellers uniform Pu, buyers have been accustomed to Pu, if you shop to see is a free shop, give people the feeling is the primary seller, no strength, it is difficult to let the buyer convince me the same product the same price, would prefer to go to the shop to buy the seller, the big picture, more clearly reflects the strength of the seller. At the same time open shop can also have more additional features, do promotion to do more convenient, and some of the Taobao promotional activities limited only Wang shop sellers can participate. Of course, if there is money to join the consumer protection that would be better. (statement, absolutely not to sell Taobao shop advertising, he did not give me money)

secondly, Taobao through train. Taobao train is similar to the Baidu auction, who bid high who beat the front. Investment: a minimum recharge of 500, and there seems to be no way to return money. Personal feeling limit Taobao train is not initially effective, because the same keywords many people buy, the price will go up, take me to do the soy isoflavones, the beginning of the word "isoflavones" into the top three or 5 hair, now at least two or three yuan. And more competition, competitors malicious clicks will increase. But it doesn’t make the train effects on the negative, because the train to remove malicious clicks, are very willing to buy buyers, if you can grasp the key words and reasonable investment bid, there is a harvest, I use the train half an hour to bring me an order is the best the example. There are a lot of skills and methods, we must work hard to grasp the skills to make your sales doubled.

is to build their own website. Input: domain name, an average of 60 yuan a year, the host a little better than a year of $150. The program can use the free CMS, if they will build one step that will save labor costs, they will not have Never mind, release the task in the A5 forum, generally around 500 yuan to set up a website is not a problem. I have a lot of contact with the seller to build their own web site, the construction of their flagship products on the professional site, the site’s advertising to

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