Post push domestic packet to join the electricity supplier courier war

province sent 5 yuan, 8 yuan in the province; relying on the postal network anywhere up to the

however, "domestic packets" is not to accept personal delivery services, and the maximum weight limit of 1000 grams of

newspaper’s chief reporter Li Yangyang correspondent Wu Xiarong

after 10 days is "double eleven", every year for this day, the major electricity supplier in the network will set off a preferential great shopping carnival, buyers in the crazy orders at the same time, are prepared to do so big sales blowout, "express" and become "slow delivery. With the approaching end of the year, part of the courier company announced the closure of the holiday, so many electricity providers is a headache, even slow delivery are not willing to take.

yesterday, the reporter learned from the Zhejiang postal sector, the "express" in the section on the slow stop condition will be improved: the postal department to launch a new business — "domestic parcel, and officially became the tenth Tmall logistics contract logistics provider recommended.

5 yuan in the province 8 yuan

domestic packet charges affordable


called "domestic parcel"? Zhejiang post Yan Huifang relevant departments explained that this is a new type of business for the delivery of small items light market development, focus on the electronic commerce industry of all types of delivery demand.

in particular, "the domestic parcel" is different from the post EMS, "domestic packets" currently do not accept personal single delivery services, electricity providers, enterprises only accept a rigid delivery demand unit.


packets" charge is very favorable, with two stalls inside and outside the province boundaries, the province 5 yuan, the province unified 8 yuan. But the weight of a single piece of strict control, the maximum weight limit of 1000 grams, less than 1000 grams of the calculation by 1000 grams, temporarily not heavy.

it is understood that the "domestic parcel" than EMS price a lot lower; compared to other private courier, "domestic packets" use the postal system of the network, the maximum to avoid slow courier, stop embarrassing. Domestic parcel does not exist private courier delivery blind area, access to any part of the country, including remote villages and towns, rural areas. Especially in remote areas of time and quality is much better than other courier companies, the price is lower than other courier companies tariff standards."

in addition to the annual double eleven online shopping carnival, a huge amount of parcel has far exceeded the maximum delivery courier company, private courier warehouse explosion have led to major. The domestic packet can do 365 days a year without a holiday, to meet the needs of special services such as holiday nodes.

shop seller:

more than one choice, business better to do

reporter learned that the postal sector has reached an agreement with the electricity supplier, including Taobao, including the "small domestic"

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