How about those years of net electricity supplier of luxury brand business

global consulting firm McKinsey analysts believe that by 2025, the proportion of luxury electricity supplier will reach 18%. The United States and China will be a luxury consumer electricity supplier". Carefully found, now really has a lot of luxury goods began to join the business platform, such as Chanel, Fendi and last year joined the business platform of Burberry, then joined the business platform of the business they are doing to


Net-a-Porter platform to sell jewelry sold out 6 hours


has been excluded from the electricity supplier of luxury brand Chanel (Chanel), began to "cautious" the net, a new attempt in the aspects of the electricity supplier. In April this year, Chanel and luxury shopping website Net-a-porter cooperation, set up sales area for its price in euro zone 1970~19000 boutique senior jewelry series CocoCrush, according to reports in the sale of only 6 hours later robbed. In addition, Chanel also announced later this year, it will begin selling glasses products on the U.S. business platform to the third quarter of 2016 or the fourth quarter, Chanel will officially launch a global electricity supplier network.

Hugo Bosch online business sales increased 34%

in January this year, the old German luxury Menswear Hugo (Hugo Boss) began to cooperate with China’s electricity supplier platform Jingdong. Different from other luxury brands, Hugo and Boss in the form of no brand flagship store in Jingdong, but the Jingdong to import mode to Hugo Boss the form of wholesale buying four series of nearly 10000 pieces of merchandise, then online sales. In addition, HUGO BOSS also has a number of countries in Europe to carry out e-commerce business.


from the 2015 second quarter earnings, due to the new power, the European market and retail business expansion, Hugo Boss made the same year than the first three months of faster growth. According to channel points, Hugo Boss retail, wholesale, online three blocks. Compared to the other two, sales of online business in the two quarter increased by $34%. In fact, the scale of online sales of Hugo Boss has been growing quite rapidly, the last quarter showed an increase of 14%.

L’OREAL electricity supplier sales revenue grew by more than 40%

last year, the world’s largest beauty products company in France L’OREAL group L ‘Oreal set up a new position — chief digital officer hired Bulgarian Lubomira Rochet to hold the post, and joined the group executive committee. L’OREAL group released last month in the first half of 2015, the results show that: the group’s electricity supplier sales revenue grew by more than 40%, accounting for as much as 4% of total sales, called milestone breakthrough.


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