Ma heavily layout health Yunfeng fund 500 million yuan stake in Baiyun Mountain

[Abstract] huge market space for health care has attracted the attention of domestic Internet giants.



technology news (Sun Hongchao) January 14th news, yesterday afternoon, announced plans set by the near billion gphl Baiyun Mountain and health and Ali signed a strategic cooperation, the two sides will establish in-depth cooperation in the field of pharmaceutical business. At the same time, Ma Yun (micro-blog)’s cloud based fund also plays an important role in the case of Baiyun Mountain, in the form of cash to invest nearly 500 million yuan, the state owned assets outside the Guangzhou system, the only strategic investors. With the current Baiyun Mountain’s time-honored brand in addition to being a well-known consumer, and Wong Lo Kat, Chenji jingxiutang and Pan Gaoshou, and a variety of time-honored brand mining Chi Lin.


health CEO Wang Yaqing said that the key point of cooperation between the two sides is also very small share of the electricity supplier in the field of medicine, this may be the field of electronic commerce in China last piece of cake, cooperation will make use of Internet technology and traditional industries combined, this is our direction of force. Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Deputy General Manager Chen Ning said that the introduction of Yunfeng fund strategic investors, optimize the equity structure, is to lay the foundation for the pharmaceutical electricity supplier, health services and health development.


of this strategic cooperation, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group and Ali health will dock in pharmaceutical electricity supplier, health services and health industry and other three areas, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Chairman Li Chuyuan said that in the background of the new medical reform and mobile medical, the cooperation between the two sides of Baiyun Mountain will transition to the Internet to provide new ideas and business models. He revealed that the direction of cooperation, including pharmaceutical electricity providers, the future of the hospital, the extension of modern logistics services, etc..

from the current data, pharmaceutical electricity supplier in the domestic pharmaceutical retail share is very small, but the growth momentum is very fast. 2011 domestic pharmaceutical B2C scale of 400 million yuan, but in 2012 the annual sales reached $1 billion 665 million in 2013 continued to show explosive growth, the annual transaction size of 4 billion 260 million yuan. However, compared with the total retail sales of drugs as high as 260 billion 700 million yuan, compared with 2013, the proportion of e-commerce market accounted for less than 2%.

rapid growth momentum and huge market space naturally aroused the attention of domestic Internet giant, not to mention in the field of medicine has been the layout of Baidu, the other two BAT have begun to try in recently. Not long ago, Tencent continuously invested $170 million in DXY and registered net Alibaba; and through the Tmall Medical Museum cut, and the investment of the Xunyiwenyao network, Huakang panorama network, covering tens of thousands of stores and pharmacies.

Ali health was originally a large state-owned enterprises in China CITIC Group’s software company. Alibaba announced in January 23rd last year teamed Yunfeng fund acquired the company, it will be renamed Ali health. After the rapid rise in its share price, the U.S. survey firm FactSet to stock market capitalization of more than 5 billion U.S. dollars for the enterprise statistics. >.

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