Offer to send non stop glory small K detonated glory year end bonus year drama

The glory of the user

year-end bonus eighth wave raging hit, many benefits will benefit hundreds of millions of users come in a throng of glory. January 1st, the glory of its first wearable children’s products – the glory of small children call K watch, will be issued in the form of 50 yuan coupons to the user’s VMALL store account.


this honor small K glory user end of the year award, to repay the old user activity from January 1st to February 6th, only for HUAWEI brand and glory brand mobile phone users free of charge. The use of HUAWEI Mate series (Mate8, Mate, S Mate7, P8 max, P8, P7), (7, glory glory series 7I, 6 Plus, 6) and a series of glory play (5X, 4X, 4A, 4C) models of the glory of the old users, only in the event page ( /honorbonus1.html) simple mobile phone input number, follow the prompts to receive glory K 50 yuan coupons. Note that, with the glory of small K open at the same time the promotions and stylish light luxury accessories glory Bracelet zero, two single product is bound to have detonated the glory of individual users year-end bonus year drama.


It is reported that

, the glory of small K prior to the launch of the super corps, toy story, Princess Disney and frozen four Disney version, with exquisite appearance and stable performance has been recognized by the market. Last December 12th, Disney once again teamed up to launch its glory Marvel theme children watch – iron man, Captain America Version, the two version of the continuation of the previous watch color screen, touch and low radiation technology design. Currently, six products have been logged HUAWEI mall, Jingdong mall, Tmall’s official flagship store HUAWEI platform, priced at 688 yuan. In the HUAWEI mall to receive 50 yuan coupons users, you can reach cash and buy at a low price of $638.

glory small K help year-end bonus

this event, the glory of the small K six Qi Qi Qi Qi 2016 year-end awards. The glory of small K super corps, toy story, Princess Disney and the snow romance theme version, are drawn from the Disney classic children’s animation, to warm the heart of large white, Hollywood cowboy toys Kaku Hu Di, gentle Princess Disney and the snow queen Aisha as fairy tale theme, all warm shaping product image. And the glory of the small K iron man and Captain America Version, based on Disney genuine authority, to marvel animation hero Disney’s composition and image matching, visual impact is more a sense of power, for more than 8 year old boy is not a small temptation.

color touch reflects the new generation of children watch charm

as a new generation of children watch, the glory of small K color screen, touch watch anime show charm of a lot of extra points. First of all, for the first time on screen

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