Analysis of six benefits of using e commerce in small and medium sized enterprises

at present, small and medium-sized enterprises due to the scale of operation and management capacity of enterprises and other factors, so in the process of conventional market distribution, tend to be affected by a variety of small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises, compared with the traditional, must make use of their advantages quickly, establish an effective information system, and then based on the development of electronic commerce.


information system can help enterprises to improve the management by means of information itself defects, standardize business processes, improve the quality of products and services; electronic commerce can quickly integrate into the global competition in the outside the "big cake" to win a favorable position. However, in fact, this is not the case, small and medium enterprises in the use of information technology to enhance their competitiveness is also facing many challenges, such as funds, technology, talent, ideas, etc.. "The wolf tiger" competition pattern has been formed, small and medium-sized enterprises can’t let weaknesses still no change, but who will help small and medium enterprises to change their situation? The answer is very simple, "information + electronic commerce".

China B2B Research Center survey found that SMEs use e-commerce has the following six benefits

for small and medium enterprises, e-commerce can bring them a lot of new opportunities and challenges, it can solve many difficulties and problems faced by smes. The arrival of Internet can open up a broader market space for small and medium-sized enterprises. As the competition of information plays an increasingly important role in the competitive advantage of enterprises, with the electronic commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises can compete with large enterprises in information. In general, the impact of e-commerce on small and medium enterprises can be divided into the following areas:

1 global market

the competitiveness of SMEs in traditional markets can be strengthened; SMEs have more opportunities to sell products to all countries and regions in the world.

2 market supply chain

provides design and engineering services requirements for suppliers will increase; manufacturers will be more outsourcing non core business; customers will need more electronic communication for orders, billing and other business, when customers have this requirement, which will have a big impact on the supply chain; customers will require their suppliers to provide more inventory management services, such as data warehouse and order management; manufacturers will continue to reduce the total number of suppliers; between companies in the supply chain will be more closely linked.

3 internal operation and process control

with the integration of technology more use of network information technology and system, internal communication and collaboration will be improved; will use more automated manufacturing technology, provide more opportunities for the integration of external data and internal operations, such as integrated EDI and MRP system; the number of employees will be reduced, but each employee’s workload will be increase; enterprise operation and management costs will be reduced.

4 customer service

manufacturers will try to shorten them

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