A veteran of the thinking on Taobao shopping store operations


I have six years of Amoy baby habit, it is a veteran of it, good stuff, fake things, bad things and throw things and other trading conditions are met, I am obsessed with online shopping a long time ago, anxious to put things on earth are mapped to the network, is very crazy for the symmetric information age kind of touch.

I believe that this is the inevitable trend of the development of foreign Internet, but also can achieve strong domestic O2O which now is not hot? I think this hot air will be less than group purchase, but this is just the trend, Taobao has China characteristics, first to enjoy the O2O results if it is cancer boss Ma Yun retired brother still can’t forget "". The cancer that make the Internet people do not know, fake, fake Hong Shu that is not innate, but cannot play the vicious competition, vicious competition, explosion of you is the wedding dress for Taobao to do, not you.

As the old

buyers a Taobao, in fact, repeated in the same shop rarely, because Taobao is available on the baby too much, from another perspective, Taobao produced model itself is not in the store buyers viscosity, but Taobao itself. Most of the buyers are dandy, did not change the customer, not the cheapest, only cheaper.

Shu Hong here for example, sell VPS host actually is the most easy to pull the guest host VPS are generally paid monthly, population loss rate is very high, it is unable to solve the drawbacks of this industry, some sellers are very clever, from other seller transaction records of buyers, and equal price, improve the VPS configuration as a memory, which is quite attractive, the turnover rate is far greater than you invested heavily burned out of the explosion, in other words, it is not easy for you to get new customers can easily become someone else’s old customers, this case is more than VPS host industry, almost all fast consumer goods are common repeat.

as a substitute for repeat buyers, consumer products, I will be more inclined to price, rather than a shop, that is to say I like this buyer, what customer retention, what VIP, Taobao there are clouds, the benefit is small buyers of the gospel, so I this kind of inevitable loss of buyers the force majeure, a class of the.

now operators most of the explosion of pride, they have a variety of ways to create huge sales figures, even Taobao rules in mind, somebody who is wide size sellers idol, but these people in the eyes of Shu Hong, can not create explosion models is the expert, because if I were the boss I only care about the profit of Taobao, what the rules of the game are the clouds, everyone knows that the explosion models need money to pile up, when you pile up the explosion, there are more financial counterparts to pull you down, has the resources with guild in price than you Genghen, even fake, maybe you’ve built the explosion rank on the first page a week is not alone for a week, Taobao traffic charity, the premise of the explosion of funds.

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