The COM domain name smuggles China nternet quasi paralysis crisis

when you open a web site, you may not know that this visit there may have been a company in the United States recorded — due to his management of the root name server set up in the United States China mirror, VeriSign (Verisign) can be easily obtained Chinese user domain access records.

recently, Chinese Netcom Group and American VeriSign (VeriSign) company jointly opened the Internet root domain name China mirror server in the public believe that behind the move will speed our users access COM outside the domain name, but access to the data for U.S. companies to monitor the Internet provides a convenient Chinese.

reporter learned that the Internet has a total of 13 root domain name servers, from A to M number, were deployed in the United States, Britain, Sweden and japan. In fact, as early as in 2003, the non-profit organization – the Internet Society (ISC) will be under the jurisdiction of its F root server in China to establish a mirror, China has become the first root mirror server. In September 2005, the management of I’s non-profit organization, the Swedish National Internet Exchange Center in the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) set up China’s second root mirror – I root image. And recently established by the U.S. commercial company Verisign management of the J root server mirror. "No matter how much the introduction of root server mirror, still can’t completely solve the COM exit the domain name bypass access." Internet name and address assignment Organization (ICANN) director, Qian Hualin, chief scientist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Network Center said.

, according to him, through the establishment of the root image server in the country, but the first step in the domain name access, that is, to improve the speed of root analysis. However, for a large number of analytical servers located in the United States COM, NET domain name, the majority of its analysis still need to bypass the United States can be completed, the speed can hardly be ignored.

it is understood that the two root China before the mirror server has, are established by the international nonprofit organization neutral in China, high security, and Internet access log Chinese handed over to foreign companies, security risks suddenly emerged. Experts, Verisign can be accessed through the root server image log, analysis of Chinese Internet users access to information and even the various sites, especially important institutions, the official website of the access characteristics. In this way, Chinese Internet users access habits and access to information and analysis of the site is completely exposed to the u.s..

Internet security experts pointed out, "because Chinese has no a root of 13 root servers in the management right, lack of initiative in the root DNS, if domestic websites rely heavily on COM by the overseas company management domain, in case of international conflicts, foreign institutions cut off China root server mirror and COM domain the mirror, all use the COM domain name of the site will be able to access the Internet, Chinese will be paralyzed, consequences be unbearable to contemplate." The expert >

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