Taobao mall 10 11 events after the Tencent and Taobao comprehensive war

        October 12th news: yesterday, there are two major events in the e-commerce industry. First of all, the " Taobao mall; 10.11 ", a group known as the "Taobao store" who deliberately manipulated in an attempt to force Taobao to change the mall just released 2012 annual business capital renewal and rule adjustment, Taobao mall big sellers attacked. Followed, Tencent’s super e-commerce platform – QQ online shopping formally launched. According to Tencent, the platform will be used to integrate a variety of resources Tencent. So far, the main business of instant messaging Tencent, more comprehensive layout in the field of e-commerce. From the vertical class B2C to buy, from the platform to pay, the current launch of QQ online shopping, no doubt accelerated the Tencent’s electricity supplier territory, Tencent officially launched a challenge to Taobao.


(pictured: QQ officially launched online shopping speed transit network with


yesterday, QQ online shopping on the official line, which makes people have to contact it with the recent opening of Taobao mall linked to the issue of instant messaging software started Tencent, in recent years, the layout of e-commerce. QQ online shopping and QQ mall, pat independent electricity supplier platform, respectively, for the independent B2C, mall class B merchants and C class sellers three categories of merchants. Compared to C2C and QQ online shopping mall, prefer B2C experience (i.e. the website is not store goods priority, priority, and logistics and customer service service are B2C standard), statistical data of famous website imeigu showed that the Tencent to pay in the field of C2C and B2C, group purchase and the three party has, or through self investment the layout of the 16 enterprises. The news, including Dangdang, where customers, shop No. 1 B2C platform are within the scope of cooperation strategy of Tencent.

Jiang Pingzhong said: Taobao mall launched in October 10th the new rules is unwise, improve the mall technical service fee, push back the small sellers to competitors provide favorable opportunity. Tencent is now attached great importance to the open platform, all of its sites can use QQ number a key to log on, or even log on to partner sites. At the same time, the Tencent also integrates QQ, QQ mail, QQ space, Tencent, Tencent and other products micro-blog friends and community platform, provide a full range of marketing channels including brand display, shopping share, SNS shop, micro-blog store, as a partner. Through the open API, given a partner to rely on Tencent platform two development, service development, search and other e-commerce core link development capabilities.

in fact, Tencent and Taobao in a number of areas are about the same in competition. Tencent from the existing e-commerce layout situation, at present, pat Network is China’s second largest after Taobao C2C electronic business platform; QQ mall and Taobao mall model is very similar to pat buy and QQ>

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