The development of game trading website

in the fast changing Internet industry, a year long enough to allow the sea into change.

game websites formed a situation of tripartite confrontation trend, 5173 17yoo, three mmogg, and each one has its own merits, distinct strength. After a year of wind and rain look, so many things to keep the original pattern has quietly changed, ectopic strength let C2C enter after three times more whirling.

5173: between lead and pressure

no doubt, 5173 in the domestic game leading position no one can shake. However, 5173 also had to bear the heavy pressure brought about by this lead. Between the lead and the pressure, 5173 are struggling to move forward.

in China C2C market, 5173 of the domestic market share of more than 75%. If you are in the traditional industry, 5173 can sleep without any anxiety. However, in the Internet field changing, this advantage is not what the impassable barrier. Competitors are likely to produce amazing energy, directly challenging the authority of 5173.

17yoo: Peons4Hire company sued after the fall, becoming the boss of foreign game trading


April snowstorm hit black G machine market and sued 2 major game trading suppliers move after OF MF, the price of gold fell many studios are facing collapse, 17yoo play the big time.

mmogg: domestic and foreign two merger

recently on the XXX company in the field of virtual trading news, blossom everywhere, what kind of form will appear in front of everyone? How will there be a competition?

look forward to follow up!


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